It’s definitely no secret that our #VitaeBabes are such a big part of the VITAE community, and we’re so grateful for every single one of you for being part of our journey.

As a brand that focuses on uplifting each other and women empowerment, we want to see each and every single one of you succeed! If you’re looking for more ways to become a successful #VitaeBabe Ambassador, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are 10 Tips To Become A Successful Ambassador:

1. Be Consistent With Posting
This might be one of the most important tips: be consistent with posting! This means staying active on your social media platforms and consistently promoting your code.

There is no obligation on how many times you need to post or any type of posting strategy, but we’re encouraging you to post often about Vitae Apparel and promote your code! By doing so, your followers will know you love Vitae Apparel just by how much you post, and may eventually opt-in by using your code!

This is also a great way to communicate with your followers! Be open and excited about posting about Vitae Apparel and others will feed off your excitement and love for it.

2. Try New Things & Get Creative
Are you consistently doing the same thing and not getting that much traffic? Our second tip is to try new things and get creative to promote Vitae Apparel and your code!

Do your followers love fashion, fitness, lifestyle, or just YOU? We recommend finding the niches that your followers love, then promoting Vitae Apparel while doing it! Alternatively, find and connect with more people that do share the same interests (they’re out there, I promise).

Learn what your followers like by trying new things, such as posting reels, doing an IG LIVE, doing a Q&A about Vitae Apparel, sharing your journey, or perhaps they want to see how you workout in your VITAE sets. Whatever it is, get creative and see what your followers like best!

3. Don’t Forget The Little Things
What are the little things, you might be asking? Making sure you do these little details every single time you promote your code might just be a game-changer!

First, if you post a picture wearing the set, make sure to add the name of the styles and colorways you are wearing. Your followers might love the set you’re wearing, but won’t know what to look for on the website. This can be a deciding factor on shopping & using your code!

Secondly, always tag @Vitaeapparel and use the #vitaeapparel #vitaebabes in your photos, stories, etc., when you are wearing one of our sets, and have your promo code showing. Our followers like to go through “Tagged Photos” to see who’s wearing our sets, and they might be also looking for promo codes.

Third, if you haven’t already, we recommend adding a link to your bio! In addition, for every story, add a swipe up link or prompt your followers to head to your link in bio (make sure to also have your code in bio!). When your followers go to your profile, they’ll know exactly what code to use.

4. Use Different Social Media Platforms
Use. Different. Social. Media. Platforms. PREACH. If you love one social media platform, that’s great - keep using it and killing it! However, the more different social media platforms you have, the more likely you will reach new followers and viewers!

We recommend promoting your code on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, a personal blog, Youtube, Pinterest, and more! This is a great way to spread your code on different platforms.

Plus, we’re also on multiple social media platforms, so you can always tag us ;)

5. Share Your Opinions + Reviews
Don’t be shy, babe! People want to hear you talk about the products, not just flaunt them.

We encourage you to talk about why you love the products and why someone else should have them. This can be done through an IG Live, a story, or even simply a paragraph in a caption. We also love hearing your reviews and feedback, so we would love to see it, too!

Do a try-on haul! Talk about your own jean and bra sizing, which size you wear in VITAE sets, share your fave styles, special features of specific sets, discuss support level, what activities you can wear it for (cardio, weight-lifting, or lounging), and how to style your sets!

6. Go Beyond Social Media 
Take being a VITAE Ambassador to real life, outside of social media. As an e-commerce brand, we LOVE social media and the internet. However, don’t just stop there! 

Promote your code by word of mouth! When someone compliments your set at the gym, don’t be afraid to tell them about Vitae Apparel and share your code with them, or share it with your friends and family that aren’t on social media.

We want you to love what you do, so we encourage you to be a #VitaeBabe on and off social media. Thrive off passion, and go for it!

7. Stay Up To Date
It’s important to stay up to date with our newest collections, newest styles, big sales, and any events! Ambassadors are usually the first to know about new collections or sales, and have early access - use this to your advantage. You can be prepared to promote your code before launch and share the huge news with your followers!

In addition, we recommend trying a variety of different styles and colorways, so your followers know you’re also shopping, as well! This also helps with being more knowledgeable about our products and having your own opinions to share with your followers.

For example, knowing that we do FREE returns and exchanges may be a great way to promote your code to your followers!

8. Host Your Own Giveaways
Giveaways are a great way for your followers to win Vitae Apparel products gifted from YOU! By doing so, it’ll show your followers just how much you love Vitae Apparel because you want your followers to try it out for free! We also sponsor 10 prizes per month for ambassadors to run their own giveaway! Email sydney@vitaeapparel.com for more info! 

You can purchase your own items or gift cards and host your own giveaway on your account. This also helps you promote your code, because with more exposure from the giveaway - you might get new followers who want to use your code!

9. Build Relationships Within The VITAE Community
Like we always say, we would be nothing without our VITAE ambassadors <3 We want our ambassadors to feel as connected to us, as much as we feel connected to them.

Get in touch and build relationships with other VITAE ambassadors, and you can help each other succeed. Discuss successful tips, share your stories, and uplift one another!

Our VITAE community is all about inclusivity, women empowerment, embracing diversity, self-love, body-positivity, and confidence. Come join our facebook community of #VitaeBabes if you haven’t already HERE!

Lastly, but certainly not least (probably the most important)... is BE YOURSELF! I’m not sure if you need this reminder, but you’re greatest super power is simply just being YOU.

Your followers want to see the real side of you, and who you truly are! Be honest, vulnerable, and show your personality. This may seem odd when promoting your code, but this is a great way for your followers to feel comfortable enough to connect with you, and hear you out.


We hope these tips help you on your Ambassador journey! Again, we appreciate every single one of you, and all your love + support NEVER goes unnoticed.

If you are not an ambassador, and want to become one, please feel free to sign up HERE.  

With love, Vitae Apparel

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