21 Journal Prompts To Help With Self-Discovery📝

21 Journal Prompts To Help With Self-Discovery📝

It’s almost the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, and we felt it was only necessary to finish it with some self-reflection journal prompts! 

If you don’t journal already, we highly recommend you start! Journaling is a great way to become self-aware and mindful of how you feel! 

Here are 21 journal prompts to get you started on your self-discovery:

21 Journal Prompts: 

1. What was the biggest highlight this month, and why? 

Whether it is going to the beach, or seeing a loved one you haven’t seen in a while, take some time to jot down a special memory from this month. 


2. Name 2-3 people you are grateful for, and why?

Sometimes, we take people for granted. Writing down who and why we are grateful for someone can help us understand the relationship and ourselves better. (you can add more people, we won’t tell ;)) 


3. Write down 10 qualities that you love about yourself

Speaking about ourselves in positive ways is something we don’t do enough. This is a moment to take some time to appreciate all that you are. 


4. Write down your top 5 favorite best quotes for self-love

We love when words just speak to us and understand exactly how we feel! What are 5 quotes that resonate with you?


5. List 3 things you love about your body

Speak kindly about your body, and appreciate it. Our body loves us, so we should love it back. 


6. Describe what your ideal day would look like

What sets your soul on fire? What would you spend your time doing if nothing else mattered? Write it down, and then discuss how you can achieve it. 


7. Write down what you could spend more time doing to benefit your mental health

It is important to keep our mental health a priority. We get it, sometimes we’re busy and there’s no time to focus on ourselves. How can you find time? What could you change about your routine?


8. If you can only keep 3 things that you have right now, what would they be?

Think about where you are in life right now. What are your priorities? Why do you value them so highly? These answers will help you stay attuned with yourself.


9. Write down what makes you feel like a strong person

What is your definition of strong? This is a great time to reflect on challenges you overcame, and to recognize your successes. 


10. Reflect on 4 things you did for yourself this month 

Self-care is not selfish, it is necessary! Reflect on 4 things you did that made you feel happy. 


11. Give a piece of advice to your younger self

If you could turn back time, what would you say to your younger self? If you could know something you didn’t know before, what would you tell yourself?


12. Write 3 goals you want to achieve by the end of next month 

It’s important to set goals short-term and long-term. This will help you remember what path you’re on, and what you’re working towards. How will you achieve it?


13. Write one thing you’ve taken for granted

Whether it is a person or an opportunity, this will help us learn how to be present and appreciate the small or big things in life. 


14. What do you want to learn more about?

We are curious beings, who love to learn new things. Write it down, and go learn it! 


15. Brainstorm a few hobbies you want to start

Try to find hobbies that fill your time with things you enjoy. When will you start? How often will you do it? 


16. I want people to know this about me...

It can be difficult being your true self around others. As long as you know who you truly are, that is all that matters. Get in touch with yourself. 


17. Write down some things that might be holding you back

How do your worries affect your daily life? How can you put them past you? It is important to address these situations to move forward.


18. Describe what being healthy means to you

What does physical health mean to you? What does mental health mean to you? Why are they important for your well-being?


19. Write down what excites you about the future

Whether it is a dream job or dream life, discuss why you are excited about it. What can the future offer you? 


20. Describe what your happiest self looks like to you

What makes you happy? What would you be doing? What would you have? How would you feel? Who would you be around? Find what your happiest self would look like and try to be it. 


21. Write a letter to your inner critic

Be your biggest supporter. Writing this will help you understand your insecurities, and help you overcome them. 


Whether you do one of these a day, or all of them in one sitting - these 21 journal prompts can help you be one step closer to mental clarity and peace. 

We hope this month was filled with activities full of mindfulness, that helped improved your mental health, self-confidence, and finding your true self. 

Put your mental health first this month, and every month. 

With love, 


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