Celebrating Valentine's Day In 2021

Celebrating Valentine's Day In 2021

Like pretty much all holidays this year and last, Valentine's Day will be looking quite a bit different to most of us 😔 But that doesn't mean you still can't have the most joyful time celebrating a little bit of love! 😍

So we thought that we'd compile a small list to help you decide how to spend Valentine's Day this year... all from the safety and comfort of your home.

And don't worry, Vitae Babes - this list isn't just tailored towards your romantic partners. It can totally be used for a cute Galentine's Day (besties version of Valentine's Day) virtual catchup or a session of self care. Because as fabulous as it is to be spreading love this year, don't forget to treat yourself to some of that love too 💗

P.S. Read until the end for a very special treat... 😏😏


1. Breakfast In Bed

A classic - but a goodie, for sure! 🤤 It could be as simple as toast and a coffee or as extravagant as strawberry nutella pancakes... whatever it is you desire make it happen. This could serve as a great gift to your special someone or one of your requests for the day 😉

For our Galentine's: Grab yourself some yummy breakfast, a hot cocoa/coffee and jump back in bed with Zoom! Have all of your GFs do the same and have a PJ party to start Valentine's right.

For Self-Care: Do the same but add your favourite movie/tv show to the mix. Chill out and enjoy this time to yourself.


2. Ask Questions

For this Valentine's Day, open up a little and connect on a more intimate level by getting to know your partner even better. Even if you've been together for years, you'll be surprised to find there's probably something you didn't know about your loved one 🤔

For our Galentine's: Pick up the phone and call one of your besties for a good chat... Learn something new about them. You might think it's impossible, but we promise it's not...

For Self-Care: Ask yourself some big questions (writing them down always helps too). What would you like to achieve this year? Where do you see yourself in 2021? Whatever comes to mind, see where it takes you.


3. Map Out Your Future Vacation

Just because you'll be chilling at home this Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't dream of faraway places to visit one day ✈️ Print out some maps and photos and spend the night planning either a real or dream vacation with one another

For our Galentine's: When's your next girl's trip away? 💃 Get planning + scrapbooking together!

For Self-Care: Need a bit of a retreat all to yourself? Girl, treat yourself and organise a day you might escape and give yourself some time to relax and chill!


4. Make Some Cocktails

Channel your inner mixologist and shake up a few cocktails (either alcoholic or 'mocktail' vibes, the choice is yours) 🍹 You could totally have a challenge to see who makes the best one? Or even - see if you can match a cocktail to your partner's personality and have them do the same 😉

For our Galentines: Your gift this year could totally be a DIY cocktail shaker and together (via Zoom or otherwise) you can see who can create the most extravagant drink! 

For Self-Care: Girl - there's nothing wrong with having a cocktail by yourself as you chill out and enjoy your evening in 💖 (any other day of the week too hehe)


5. At-Home Spa

Grab some candles, massage oil and some face masks (and yes, fellas can totally get behind good skincare too 😉). Create a night of pampering for you and your special someone...

For our Galentines: Virtual spa day, anyone? 🛁 Grab a champagne, some bubbles for your "spa" (a.k.a. bath) and encourage your girl friends to do the same. Set up a call where you all just relax together. 

For Self-Care: Bath bomb time!! Indulge in a hot, comfy cozy bath time that allows you to escape the world for a moment 😌





And so there we have it! Which one of these ideas resonates with you most? Let us know!  ☺️


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