The CEO Collection V2 is Finally Here!

The CEO Collection V2 is Finally Here!

The CEO Collection V2 just dropped and we're already obsessing over it! We just launched NEW styles, NEW colorways, and NEW items. Yes, that's right babes - since you all loved last CEO Collection, we had to come back better than ever with our newest CEO Collection V2. 

We pinky promise that these are coziest and cutest sets you'll ever own! But if you still need some more convincing, continue reading to learn more about the items that are NOW AVAILABLE TO SHOP!


Manifest It Quarter Zip
Our Manifest It Quarter Zip is a casual, yet oh so chic pullover that you need in your life. This comfy and extra cozy pullover sits at the waist with a ribbed loose bottom trim. Carefully designed with a quarter-zip and a natural snug fit. For the gym, for lunch, for a fashion statement, for lounge - or whatever else your heart desires. Manifest the life you want with our Manifest It Quarter Zip.

Make It Happen Hoodie 
The perfect hoodie definitely exists with our Make It Happen Hoodie. Our Make It Happen Hoodie was made to be your go-to hoodie for moving freely while being in the comfort of your home or being on the move. Slay your goals from home-to-gym, or anywhere, effortlessly with our oversized breathable warm and soft cotton fleece sweater. Also made with a roomy pocket for all your practicality needs. Go on, make your goals happen in our Make It Happen Hoodie.

Mind Over Matter Sweat Shorts
Obsessed is an understatement with our Mind Over Matter Sweat Shorts. These soft and stylish sweat shorts were made with a thick ribbed waistband, drawstring, and practical deep pockets for you to move freely with confidence. Whoever said staying cozy was only for the winter days was wrong. Trust us, you’ll be reaching for these bad boys every time you're lounging at home or stepping out during the warmer days. Switch to the “I can” mentality with our Mind Over Matter Sweat Shorts.

Dream Chaser Sweatpants
Our Dream Chaser Sweatpants is proof that sweatpants can be super stylish and super comfy simultaneously. These oversized sweatpants are an essential in the closet with extra breathable leg room, inner fleece material, adjustable drawstring, and practical deep pockets. Made with 100% heavy cotton for that cloud-like, super soft feel that you need in your life, as well as a ribbed waistband and ankle cuffs for a trendy and snug fit Dreams really do come true in our Dream Chaser Sweatpants.

Set Your Soul On Fire Hoodie
Wear your confidence on you with our Set Your Soul On Fire Hoodie. Our exclusive Set Your Soul On Fire Hoodie is exactly like our Make It Happen Hoodie but with an added stylish flair. We added a special quote to the back of the hoodie: “Do What Sets Your Soul On Fire”. Here at VITAE, we believe in doing what sets your soul on fire and following your passion. This friendly visible quote represents doing what you love and what makes you genuinely happy. We pinky promise our Set Your Soul On Fire Hoodie will set your soul on fire, babe.

Everyday Essential Socks
Put your best foot first (or feet) in our Everyday Essential Socks. The best go-to comfy socks to step into your dream life. Made with a cloud-like, cushiony, breathable, and super soft fabric to give you ultra comfort. Carefully designed as a mid length to sit right above the ankle with a simplistic yet stylish design to make a casual statement wherever you go. Take your fit to the next level with VITAE from head to toe.

Move Freely Tote Bag
Move freely with confidence with our Move Freely Tote Bag. This reusable tote bag is perfect to bring with you to the beach, grocery store, gym - you name it. This minimalist design is a friendly reminder to wear your confidence with you whenever you’re on the go. Made with a durable and strong canvas material and supportive straps for carrying your personal items, as well as super lightweight for easy travel. You know what to do - secure the bag, babe.


There's limited quantities of everything - and if it's anything like our last CEO Collection launch, we're positive these pieces will sell-out fast... 

What are you still doing here?! Run, don't walk! 


- Vitae Apparel 

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