"The most inspiring thing I learned from my mom" ft. #VitaeBabes

Happy Mother’s Day!

Whether you’re a mom or a female role model in someone else’s life - this day is about you and appreciating the important females in our lives.

We asked our lovely Ambassadors what the most inspiring thing they learned from their mom was, and here’s what they had to say. 


Ambassador Name: Dorena Brownstein @renas_photos

“My mom tries to teach me how to find the positive when I’m struggling, or helps me find it when I can’t. I care deeply about others and I am smart, two traits that make me confident in myself - both of which I got from my mom. What I love most about her is that no matter what, she's always there for me to give the best advice she can, or is just there to listen.” 

Ambassador Name: Sara-Maude Leger @saraa.leger

"I can't thank my mom enough for everything she does for me. She is always there to listen to me with attention, and supports me in difficult moments by cheering me up easily.

One of the most inspiring things my mom taught me is that: we all have the potential to achieve our dreams. We ALL have the ability to do this. My mom always told me to do what really makes me happy so that I can have a life of my own and filled with beautiful joyful moments. One of the traits I have in common with my mom that has helped me to have a better self-confidence is this mentality that we all have beautiful bodies.

Finally, what I love most about my mom is her kindness, her generosity, her beautiful personality, her sensitivity, and so on! She is simply an amazing and extraordinary person! She is always there for the others, because she has indeed a beautiful empathy. Her smile is contagious and her joy of living too! In short, I love my mom very much. I am super grateful for everything she has done for me and my family, she is super inspiring!"

Ambassador Name: Eliane Bilodeau @eliane_bilodeau

“The most inspiring thing I've learned from my mom is that we are strong and beautiful, no matter what! I got my curves from my mom and I love them, which makes me feel more confident! My mom has the biggest heart of all, and she’s the type of person who would give you everything she has!! She is always there to listen, and will offer her opinion and advice.”

Ambassador Name: Sydney Bozec @Sydneybozec

“Thank you to my mom for all she does and/or has done! Throughout my whole life, she has inspired me in many ways, between teaching me how to workout, showing me what it truly is to be kind. No matter what, I have someone I can always turn to. A trait my mom has passed down to me is her strong and loving personality. She never let anyone make her feel bad about herself and only let positive energy and people into her life - and that is something she has taught me how to do. I wouldn’t have changed a thing that has happened growing up. My mom was a stay-at-home mom, and it was the best feeling ever knowing when I wake up, go home from school, and then go back to bed, that she was always there no matter what. Although we currently don’t live together anymore, I hope she knows that I still need her more than ever, and I always will. Thank you for everything mom, I love you.”

Ambassador Name: Karina Kirouac @thisiskiki.k

“My mom taught me that self-love and self-care are important. My favorite moment with her is our trip to California when we got to see dolphins.”

Ambassador Name: Tiana Thompson @intuitive.enigma

“The most inspiring thing I've learned from my mom is that a person's inability to see your worth doesn't make you any less valuable. The trait I got from my mom that makes me feel most confident is my intuitiveness. One of the things I love most about my mom is her sense of humor. She's truly one of the funniest people I know even when she's not trying to be.”

Ambassador Name:  Meghan Provencher @Meghanproofficial

“I want to thank the woman of my life, who will always be my mom. Because of her I’m a woman with ambition and know what I want in my life. If I want something, I am motivated to just go for it and get it! Sometimes, we can get into arguments but I know I can count on her if I need her, always! Love you, mom!”


Although we only shared a few of what our #VitaeBabes had to say, this blog is dedicated to all the female role models out there - moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, neighbors, celebrities, and more! This is a big shout out to the women who help pave the way for us!

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