Welcome to 2022 #VitaeBabes! By now you’ve probably made your new year’s resolutions and are planning on how you can achieve them this year. 

To kickstart 2022, we’ve asked some of our VITAE team members to share their New Year’s Resolutions! Hopefully some of these will help you realize you’re not alone on the goals you chose, or perhaps it’ll give you new ideas on new goals!



SELENE - CEO, Founder
My goals this year... is to be more involved in the Vitae Community by showcasing more behind the scenes, like a day in my life. Just overall, the good and the bad.

I want to try.... to go on more adventures! I'd like to go on at least 3 overnight back packing trips in the summer, get out into the wilderness more and pick up photography again!

I will do less... spending time on social media for my personal life. Focusing more on myself will be something I’m always working on.

I am going to prioritize... my happiness, my mental health and to always remember to take breaks when needed. Being able to understand and recognize my stress better will be a priority.

I'm leaving this in 2021.... sometimes when I wake up early I get bored and go on my phone for an hour. Need to refocus on my morning routine!!

VINA - Content Writer
My goals this year... is to reach a healthier mental and physical state, sticking to my budgets, and putting in more effort with maintaining friendships.

I want to try.... reading a book once a month and journaling everyday! With my busy schedule I often forget how much I love to read, and I forget to journal daily but I want to get back into it!

I will do less... spending time online (when it's not necessary)! I have been finding myself attached to my phone as a way to pass time, and I want to break this habit!

I am going to prioritize... self-care, spending more time with friends and family, and a good work-life balance!

I'm leaving this in 2021.... less caffeine, sleeping in (unless I NEED it), and swearing (heheh I'm going to try my best).

JACLYN - Social Media Manager

My goals this year… to go on at least 3 trips this year (if covid chills out). To start weekly check ins with myself, prioritizing yoga and meditation and creating a successful morning and night time routine - including a proper bedtime... As well as, prioritizing self care, finding what works for me, staying consistent with my goals and being true to who I am. 

I want to try.... New activities to find myself a new hobby I am great at or love doing. I can practice to help me disconnect from the world. I also want to try creating a travel vlog for fun and memories!

I will do less… Overthinking myself and my abilities, as well as being so hard on myself. Impulse buying. Being on my phone... unless I'm using it to educate myself, communicate with loved ones, or using platforms that inspire me.

I am going to prioritize…Eating clean whole foods, slowly ditching processed and unhealthy foods. Putting myself out there, being truly and authentically myself and meeting new people who align with my energy and have the same mindset as me. Creating new opportunities and connections for myself.

I'm leaving this in 2021....Letting go of anyone or anything that triggers feelings of negativity and/or creates feelings of anxiety. As well as anyone who is a barrier between me and my goals. + my disorganization... LOL

TEALE - Influencer Marketing Coordinator
My goals this year... establish a better morning/nighttime routine that allows for me time.

I want to try....surfing! It’s always been a bucket list item of mine since watching Blue Crush 🤙

I will do less... mindless scrolling.

I am going to prioritize... reading - especially before bed!

I'm leaving this in 2021.... self-doubts. Positive thoughts only for 2022!

SYDNEY - Community Manager
My goals this year... is to educate myself on retirement preparation, and squat more than Izzy 🤪

I want to try.... reconnecting with old friends (covid permitting of course), and visiting someplace I’ve never been before.

I will do less... negative self talk.

I am going to prioritize... a good work life balance and self care!

I'm leaving this in 2021.... my toxic sleep schedule.

EMILY - Graphic Designer
My goals this year... to continue practicing yoga 2-3x weekly, to start painting again, and to read 20 books!

I want to try.... trying a new recipe each week.

I will do less... mindless scrolling and impulse-buying. Quality over quantity!

I am going to prioritize... my mental and physical wellbeing and my personal relationships.

I'm leaving this in 2021.... Overthinking, laziness, and tik tok! (Deleting it January 1st - wish me luck!)

IZZY - Community Facilitator
My goals this year... are to squat over 2 plates, bench a plate, invest myself more into my future and find out what I really want to do.

I want to try... to stay on track with things by being more organized and journalling more often, also I want to try doing more coffee chats with people in the marketing and sports/fitness industry to learn more about it.

I will do less... procrastinating, scrolling on TikTok, lying in bed being lazy, spending money on things I DON’T NEED!!!

I am going to prioritize... my health both physically by going to the gym on a set schedule and as a type 1 diabetic because I have not prioritized it at all this year and I know in the long run, I have to do better, as well as building stronger relationships with the important people around me.

I'm leaving this in 2021... my horrible sleep schedule, my money spending habits, and me unhealthy eating habits.

EMMA - Head of Operations 
My goals this year... Stretching every day, eating cleaner, as well as planning and following through with adventures before day to day gets in the way.

I want to try.... cooking new and healthy receipes!

I will do less... stressing over things that are minor.

I am going to prioritize... my physical and mental health and finding the right balance for whole happiness.

CATHY - Customer Service Manager

My goals this year... finding a work/life balance that is sustainable with my family and schedule without always sacrificing my self-care.

I want to try.... to do more yoga & meditation on a daily basis to get out of my head.

I will do less... accepting any invitations and ending up with a pack full schedule.

I am going to prioritize... daily self care and travelling again.

I'm leaving this in 2021.... negative self talks!

DAN - Social Media Creative Liaison 
My goals this year... is to keep an achievable and realistic goals for my personal life and career life. Also, to be more genuine in everything I do! More self development and growth!

I want to try.... going to places by myself and just be genuinely happy about it.

I will do less... of dimming my light to make way for others - but instead, I’ll humbly keep my light while sharing and or helping others in gaining their own.

I am going to prioritize... my entire well-being and family!

I'm leaving this in 2021.... That the idea of doing nothing means lazy or unproductive.

MAXINE - Community Supporter
My goals this year… is to become more aware of whom I should spend most of my good energy into, develop an effective workout routine, and do more self-love affirmations everyday.

I want to try...enrolling in a music class and learn how to play violin.

I will do less...being anxious over some things that are completely not under my control.

I am going to prioritize...myself first and learn the art of saying no to people sometimes.

I'm leaving this in 2021....discouraging myself from doing the things that I love just because I doubt my capabilities.


So, there you have it! A few of our team members’ goals for the new year!

2022 has officially started and the team can’t wait to show you all what VITAE has in store. We’re so excited for what’s to come in 2022 and we can't wait for you to be part of it.

We wish you the best of luck on your 2022 goals! Just remember, YOU GOT THIS!

Stay tuned for a crazy 2022.

With love,
The Team at Vitae Apparel

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