In case you missed it…
We hosted a Live Workout Event with Laeticia Lavoie and it was filled with so much love, laughter, and SWEAT obviously.
We invited our ambassadors to join us for an outdoors workout, and let’s just say it was the event of the year. If you don’t live in the area and couldn’t watch our live stream, this is what went down…
First things first,
We flew Laeticia Lavoie across Canada to come meet the VITAE team and some ambassadors! If you’ve been following us for a while, you’d know that Laeticia is known in the Vitae Community for guiding weekly workouts on our IG Lives @VitaeApparel!
Laeticia hosted a Booty Pump Workout and let me tell you, she did not come to play around. Everyone’s legs and booty’s were burning! It was a killer workout but definitely so worth it.
                    Booty Pump Workout


What’s a live event without a nice view? The event was right on a dock right by the ocean, the beautiful sky, a greenery scenery, AND the city view out in the distance. Oh, and did we mention the weather was BEAUTIFUL this day with the sun shining on us!
The atmosphere was amazing and everybody was ready to smash the workout. We loved sharing this workout experience with everyone there on a beautiful day.


Of course, it’s not a workout event without some pump-up music! There was a live DJ to set the tone of the event, keep the energy alive, and get everyone’s spirits alive. The music kept everyone motivated to finish the workout with good vibes.
Shoutout to our DJ for coming through on the music. Yes, we took song requests… and you can bet that there were some major throwbacks!


Not only did we have Laeticia come out, but we had the Petit family come along also! This included Rosaly Petit, Noemy Petit, and Elody Petit joining us for a fun workout, and an eventful weekend. ;)
They were in the front row supporting their bestie wearing some unreleased new sets… People who attended the event definitely got an official sneak peek of a new collection.


It’s not a Vitae event without our Vitae Babes! Although we wish you all could be there… This event was for Vancouver Ambassadors only and there were only a limited number of tickets. Those who were quick to get signed up, were the ones who made it to the event!
Our Ambassadors make every event better with their positive energy, wearing all Vitae Apparel, and supporting us at every event. We LOVE you guys.


Out in the crowd, of course everyone was decked out in Vitae Apparel. Let’s just say it was a COLORFUL event! We saw some Matcha Green Sets, Pastel Purples, Baby Blues, Pink Lemonades, Chocolate Mochas, and some unreleased new pieces, of course…
Let’s just say, I spy with my little eye… NEW Vitae yoga mats, NEW Vitae fitness sets, NEW Vitae water bottles, and MORE! Stay tuned for the hottest launches.
fitness sets


It’s not a Vitae Event without some FREE gifts. You can call us, Oprah. ;) Each participant who was at the event got free Vitae goodies. This was anywhere from FREE stickers, water bottles, yoga mats, Vitae fitness sets, and MORE!
After finishing that killer workout... everyone deserved some awesome rewards. We completed the workout and that's always something to celebrate!
FREE gifts
There you have it, the short and sweet recap of the eventful LIVE WORKOUT with Laeticia Lavoie.
Thanks so much for those who came through and supported us at this event! We are so happy we got to finally see some of our Vitae babes in person after being in lockdown and with restrictions for over a year!
We can’t wait to do more live events with you guys… Stay tuned!
With love,
Vitae Apparel, xx

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