How I deal with burnouts and depression

How I deal with burnouts and depression

With Mental Health Month coming up, it reminded me that last year this time, I was going through extreme burnout and depression. So I wanted to share my experiences with you, to let you know that if you are going through it, you are NOT alone.

Last year was rough. Although there were highs, the lows were very low. Hard situations kept happening one after another. It felt like a domino effect that would never stop.

A lot of people ask me “how do you juggle being a CEO and having self-care time?”. The real answer? I’m still learning everyday what works for me, and what doesn’t.

It was a hard year but I learned so much about myself and how to take care of my mental health. So, I wanted to share what helped me so maybe it can help you too:

  1. Time-blocking self-care in my calendar

    As a CEO who doesn’t want to compromise self-care - this is super important! But, this works for everyone! Often times we forget that we need to give ourselves time with busy schedules. This is a great reminder to schedule one hour a day to do something for yourself.

  2. Giving my body a shock (not literally)

    When I wake up feeling not so great, I force myself to “wake” up my body and mind. I will do a morning cold plunge in the ocean or spend some time in the sauna sweating out the toxins. This helps me feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

  3. Romanticizing my work life

    Sometimes having the same routine everyday can make me feel very uninspired. Small self-care activities make a BIG difference! I like to work while music playing in the back, drinking my fave matcha, wearing a cute VITAE outfit, and sometimes even going to a cute coffee shop.

  4. Connecting with nature

    Going on a nature walk helps clear my mind and recharge my body. This helps me stay active, get vitamin D from the sun, fresh oxygen to the lungs, and improves my mood instantly. And it’s always a bonus when the scenery is beautiful!

  5. Taking quarterly self-retreats

    It is important to take time for yourself!! Every quarter, I like to book myself a mini retreat. Giving myself time to be offline, be in nature (usually in a cabin) and really reconnect with my mind, body, and soul. This is a great reset that helps me get back on track for all my goals.

  6. Having relaxing slow nights

    I LOVE having a relaxing night after a busy day. When the sun goes down and there’s minimal light, I’ll light candles, put on diffuser, listen to music, and lay on my couch doing nothing. This unwinding time before bed is so important for maintaining peace in my life.

  7. Trying new activities

    Learning keeps my mind stimulated and positive! I love cooking new recipes or participating in any new activities. This opens my mind to new perspectives and maybe even new hobbies that I wouldn’t have known I liked if I didn’t try!

  8. Journaling and meditating

    I check in with myself daily. Whenever I’m feeling happy, sad, conflicted - I like to journal my thoughts down and meditate. This helps me stay present and feel grateful for what I have during times that it may feel really hard.

  9. Stepping outside my comfort zone

    I try to challenge myself to do things and to take risks… these are moments when I feel most alive. For example, I just joined a competitive Masters swim club, and although it was really intimidating - I’m so happy that I pushed myself to do it.

  10. Speaking to my therapist

    My therapist has been there through my most difficult times. Talking through my problems and working through them helps me. I know everyone may not have access to a therapist but finding your one person who you can talk to, vent to, and cry to can be helpful as well.

These are 10 things that really help me, and I hope that they can help you too! Some may not be for you and that’s okay. It’s important to remember that each day will look different and your body and mind will require different things from you. Learn to listen to what you truly need.

With Mental Health Month coming up this month, I want to remind you how important your mental health is.

If you need to find more resources related to mental health, and need support. Our Live Chat is always available with the Vitae Team.
Furthermore, here is a link for Global Mental Health Resources in your area:

This is your reminder to take care of your mental well-being this month and every month.

Selene Dior
CEO of Vitae Apparel

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