So, the VITAE x mirebout #betterYOUchallenge just started this week and you're already killing it! But, if you already thought about giving up or don't think you can finish the whole challenge - think again, sis.

First of all, YOU CAN DO IT + second of all, don't worry we've got you! 
We know that starting a new routine and a new goal can be a bit difficult. 

We’re here to remind you to not give up on the challenge (or any goal for that matter) just yet. If you’re starting to feel unmotivated or just haven’t started yet for whatever reason, we’ve got you with tips on how to stick on your goals (& a FREE HABIT TRACKER PDF - keep scrolling!!). 


Here’s how to REALLY stick to your goals:

Make sure your goals are realistic and attainable
If you’re having trouble with your goals, maybe re-evaluate if it’s realistic or not. Find a goal that is not a reach and consider any road blockers that may prevent you before starting. Questions that you can ask yourself when creating a goal is: How much time will this realistically take me? Can I devote this much time to this? What are potential blockers?

For example, if your goal is to cut out excessive amounts of sugar out of your diet - instead of a drastic change from the start, maybe start with cutting out sodas filled with lots of sugar. 

Consider all possibilities that may prevent you from reaching your goals. Remember that small goals are more attainable than BIG ones. It’s the small steps that matter.

Find a buddy with the same goal
Having a support buddy makes achieving your goals easier and more fun! Although it still is your own personal goal, creating plans to do it with a buddy will help the both of you stay accountable to your goals. Although your goals may look slightly different from one another, you can help and encourage each other to keep at it! 

For example, if your goal is to have a regular gym routine of 3x a week, finding a gym partner that will go with you will help you be accountable for each other (and make working out a place to spend quality time with your friends - even if you’re doing different exercises). 

So, go call your besties, siblings, parents, whoever - and ask them if they’re down for a challenge with you! PS. you can join our Facebook Group to connect with other #VitaeBabes doing the challenge HERE. 

Do quarterly check-ups and evaluations for yourself
DO CHECK-UPS! Instead of evaluating your goal every single day, try every quarter! This is a great way to see progress and change any plans, if necessary. 

Through this you can see if there is a more effective way to reach your goal, if your goal is attainable, or if you need to tweak your goal just a bit. 

We recommend writing down where you are in the beginning, and how you feel or the changes you see every quarter, especially if it is a goal that is not quite measurable. This will also help you with staying motivated to reach your goals. 

Write them down every day
Every morning or night, write down your goals. Although we don’t recommend evaluating your goal every single day (too much of anything can be unhealthy), we suggest setting your intention for the day or next day with achieving your goals. 

This is a great prompt for writing in your journal, as well. Discuss how you feel that day, if you’re feeling unmotivated, if you feel great, whatever you want to write down. It’s just important to write them down to make your goal real and set your intention. 

Celebrate the small wins 
You deserve to celebrate the small wins! The first time trying something new? CELEBRATE! The first time quitting a bad habit? CELEBRATE! Hitting a new milestone? CELEBRATE! 

If you don’t celebrate the small wins, you may never be satisfied with where you are. Like mentioned above, it’s the small steps that matter to get to that BIG GOAL. 

You deserve to celebrate, to feel proud, to feel accomplished, to feel like you’re on the right track, you deserve to feel GOOD about yourself. Appreciate the small victories, babe. 

Remember that mistakes or speed bumps don’t mean you have to stop
Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. We’ve all been there where we haven’t done what we said we were going to. Well the truth is, IT IS OKAY. Don’t let one little speed bump throw you off the rails. If you had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, it is completely okay. Try your best to remember why you set that goal and how you’re going to get there. 

If your original plan isn’t working for you then switch it up! If you just couldn’t get out of bed one day, start again the next day! Sometimes we fall off our routines, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop our goal. It does not mean you ruined your goal. 

Pick right back up, and make sure to DO IT FOR YOURSELF. You got this, babe! 


And as a last friendly reminder: never give up on yourself. The VITAE x mirebout #betterYOUchallenge is all about building Better Health. Better strength. Better focus. A BETTER YOU. 

No matter if you miss a day, or just can't finish a workout - don't give up. Stick to your own pace and do it for YOU. 

Use this FREE Habit Tracker PDF to help you stay on track on your goals HERE

With love, 
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