It’s the season of giving! We totally understand that the holiday season can be stressful at times with trying to figure out what to buy for other people!

That’s why we’ve created a Vitae Holiday Shopping Guide to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone.

We’ve created a list of 8 gifts for 8 different people:

1. For your sustainably conscious friend
We picked our most beloved collection, The Recharge Collection! These uber comfortable sets are made from 100% recycled-nylon products. Not to mention, everyone’s obsessed with the unique and colorful styles.


2. For your friend who loves to run errands
We all have that one friend who loves grocery-shopping, coffee runs, and Walmart runs (we might just be that friend). So, we thought that the perfect gift would be our Move Freely Tote Bag! This reusable bag is made lightweight to bring with you to all the stores.


3. For your friend who loves vacations
Do you have a gym who is always in a different city or country?! Then you need to grab a bikini from our Synergy I Collection for them! Available in a variety of different colours and trendy styles that are to die for.


4. For your significant other
Grab matching sweat sets from The CEO Collection in our exclusive Cakepop colourway! It’s the perfect cozy set for cuddling season… trust us, it’s like boyfriend material. Available on The Vitae App!

5. For your friend who loves adventures
We all have that crazy friend who loves a thrill - and we love them. That’s why they deserve our limited-edition Everyday Bucketlist Card Game to spark their adventures and give them new ideas! Do you think they’re up for the challenge?


6. For your fashionista friend
Everyone knows the cherry on top of a cute fit is a baseball hat! Elevate your friend’s look with our Team Player Baseball Cap. Made in an essential colourway and style that pairs perfectly with any outfit.


7. For your friend who loves to workout
If your friend loves a quick 15 minute at home workout or stretching in bed, we feel them. Grab them one of our gym accessories - 3 Pack Booty Bands, so they can achieve their fitness goals in the comfort of their home!


You deserve the best of the best. Treat yourself to our highly rated best-sellers aka the sets you’ve had your eyes on for a while… It’s the season of giving, and that includes yourself - or send the link to your besties, so they get the hint ;)


Although that wraps up our Holiday Shopping Guide, there’s so much more to choose from on our website!

Hope you have a safe and joyful holiday season - happy shopping!! Xx

Vitae Apparel

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