💖What SELF-LOVE Means To Our Team Members💖

💖What SELF-LOVE Means To Our Team Members💖

It’s officially February, the month of love… 

But to be more specific - here at VITAE, it’s the month of self-love.

Although it’s important to appreciate the relationships you have in your life, and be grateful for your loved ones that support you - it’s most important to give yourself some love.

To kickstart this month of focusing on yourself, nurturing yourself, spoiling yourself, and loving yourself, we asked our team members to tell us their definition of self-love.


Here’s what self-love means to our team members: 

Selene - Founder, CEO
Self-love means putting my wants and needs first and listening to what my heart desires. A polar bear swim, cold plunge, daily meditation, booking myself massages, going for a solo forest walk, booking impulsive weekend getaways in the nature is my way of self care and self love. It took a long time to be comfortable spending time on your own and also remembering to put yourself first. Be comfortable being uncomfortable because self-love comes with self-growth and learning to love yourself is a life times work.


Vina - Content Writer
Self-love is an ongoing and unconditional commitment to love and care for yourself. It’s about listening to your body and mind, and nurturing them the way it needs. Whether it’s feeding it nutritious meals, changing my daily habits to include rest, taking a walk to breathe in fresh air, exercising multiple times a week, or making boundaries that are more comfortable for you. Whatever your mind and body might need, the important thing is to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy. Self-love also means accepting who you are, and being unapologetically yourself. Put yourself first, live by your own standards, be confident in your decisions, be proud of who you are, and trust the process of what you can become.

Teale - Influencer Marketing Coordinator

Self-love can mean many things to different people. For me, I practice self-love by prioritizing my mental and physical health through small, yet attainable habitas. Whether it’s taking a morning bath before starting my work day, listening to my favourite podcast and going for an afternoon walk, or purchasing a luxe face masks and staying in on a Friday night. Prioritizing what you need will allow you to give more to those around you. Now is the time to normalize putting yourself first!!

Emily - Graphic Designer
For me, self-love is the act of putting my needs first without worrying about how that might affect those around me. While it is important to care for your loved ones, taking care of yourself first will allow you to do so much more successfully. Be patient and forgiving with yourself, and listen carefully to what your mind and body need. It is a process but truly doing what is best for yourself is an important step in any journey to self-love.

Sydney - Community Manager
Self-love is CONFIDENCE! It’s knowing that you’re exactly where you need to be in life right now. It’s knowing you’re on the right path even if it your journey looks different from your sister’s or your best friend’s. It’s ackowledging that sometimes YOU can be your own worst enemy. It’s learning to tune out that negative inner dialogue and learning to look for the bright side in all situations - because there ALWAYS is one, I promise. True self-love can’t be shaken by some hateful comments on Instagram or by a missed workout. Learning to love yourself can be a steep learning curve, but it’s a curve we all have to climb at some point. Surround yourself with things and people that will help you get there and ditch the things that hinder you. Years later, I’m still workin on myself but I’ve come so far. I’m rooting for you and you should be too! You got this❤️

Jaclyn - Social Media Manager
Self love to me, is doing anything that makes me feel happy, makes me feel confident, relaxed and sparks a feeling of joy. Showing myself love looks like making a good coffee, spending time with people I love - with no technology around, snapping photos, travelling and resting my body. Getting a good night’s sleep and feeling restful. I also love to travel and doing things that make me feel like I am living life to its fullest potential doing the things I love. Because after all, self love is showing yourself love in the form of things that make you happiest. 

Dan - Social Media Creative Liaison 
Self-love is giving kindness to what’s within you. It’s when you cleansed yourself from all the things you’ve accumulated in the human world - whether it’s good or bad - and be at your feet again. For me, it’s beyond the idea of turning off your phones and resting(and whatnot), but maybe it’s discovering your inner self, the one that’s your truest form. For when whatever will happen, you are going to stand still, stronger but ready to be vulnerable.

Maxine - Community Supporter
Self-love is believing in yourself. It’s finally knowing your worth and celebrating who you are. It’s noticing and acknowledging your flaws and imperfections but being completely unapologetic about it. We may doubt our capabilities sometimes but when we come to terms with accepting ourselves genuinely, it’s when we feel the real essence of happiness. We have fought so hard to be where we are right now that keeping it this way is more important than how other people think of us <3

Izzy - Community Facilitator
To me, self-love is being open and comfortable with being yourself, by yourself. It’s all about how you treat yourself with open arms and take care of yourself, the same way you’d take care of someone you love. For me, it’s one of those rare moments where I actually put myself first and sacrifice the selfless nature that I find myself having tendencies towards. It reminds yourself that you are where you are for a reason. Self-love is what keeps me on track with my goals and gives me the ability to live my life every day being myself and feeling confident to do absolutely anything.


There you have it! Although self-love can look different for different people, it's entirely up to you. What does your definition of self-love look like? 

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With love,
The whole team at VITAE.

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  • jayden junge

    self love means finding something comfortability and confidence in oneself. that’s exact why vitaeapparel puts out the clothes we do! so girls can find love within❤️‍🔥

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