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[vee-tae] noun

The feminine plural for the word 'life', 'lifestyle', and 'being a part of a lifestyle'. Vitae Apparel strives to be a part of yours.

Inspired by the durability of competitive swimwear and contemporary fashion, we design comfy, practicable swimsuits and activewear we know you’ll love.


Here at Vitae Apparel, we seek to redefine the social and physical standards for women across the globe. We hope to empower our Vitae Babes to be more confident. To fall in love with their own bodies. And truly inspire other women to do the same. Beauty comes in all shapes, all sizes, and all ethnicities, and we strive to embody this.

We have built a strong, supportive community of women that embrace these values fully over the years with Vitae. And ultimately this led to become the basis for our Vitae Ambassador Program too. (Learn more about the program HERE).


At Vitae, we ensure that all of our products are of the highest caliber. Our designs go through consistent quality testing and control to achieve this.

Firstly, our founder, Selene Dior, will hand-draw and design all of these pieces. We will then transfer them across to Adobe Illustrator. After the designs are submitted to our manufacturers, and go through roughly 3-4 rounds of sampling, we will confirm our products for final design. This is all done locally in Vancouver BC.

Next thing you know, you have a beautifully tailored new fit waiting for you on your doorstep. Importantly, we also ensure that all of our workers in our manufacturer facilities are paid and treated equally. Please see our sustainability page for more info.


Hi, I'm Selene, Vitae Apparel's proud founder. After being a competitive swimmer for 17 years, I found myself disappointed in the lack of functional yet fashionable bikinis/swimwear. I took on this challenge of dedicating my time to designing swimwear that combined these two elements in the Summer of 2016. And by December 2016, Vitae Apparel was born!

After I stopped swimming competitively my body dramatically changed. Through drastic weight gain and loss, my self-esteem deflated. Over time, that confidence slowly came back to me, as I learnt to love my body more and more every day. With this in mind, I vowed to build a community in which women could support one another, and also discover their own self-love.

Meet the team

Selene Dior


"I created VITAE APPAREL with the goal of building strength and confidence in all women. 3 years later, this goal is still the driving force behind everything I do."


Content Marketing Specialist

“Please believe there is still time for you to be all that you want to be”


Ops + Customer Service Team Lead

"Just because you're struggling doesn't mean you're failing"


Community Supporter

"You don't necessarily have to kill your demons. You just have to tame them."