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Ambassador Q&As

Here are some common Q&As about our ambassador program:

Where are most of the photoshoots held at?

Most of the photoshoots are held in Vancouver, however, we often fly ambassadors out to the location for photoshoots and events. We have also held plenty of our photoshoots in other cities in Canada, US, and AUS! We are always looking to expand more!

Is it mandatory for me to go to the photoshoots and events?

No, you will be applying only if you wish to participate. All photoshoot details, event details, travel details and any news related to our ambassadors will be posted on @vitaeambassadors & our Facebook Support Group. Please make sure you are joining both groups.

Are the fitness apparel designs Squat proof, breathable, and sweat proof?


Is there a contract for the ambassador program?

No, there is no obligation and no contract. If you do not wish to continue as an ambassador, simply send us an email to withdraw your status as a VITAE ambassador.

I want to be featured and posted, how can I do that?

Follow below guidelines and email your photos to

I need help with my sizing, where can I find the sizing chart?