Our Vitae Apparel Ambassador Program is a place in which we deeply encourage and support women empowerment, body positivity and self-love. We believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities; hence why we constantly feature girls with different body types and backgrounds.

Sound like something you’d want to be on board with? But wait – it doesn’t end there. Our ambassador program not only allows you to meet and connect with other Vitae Babes world-wide, but it also offers you countless opportunities for exposure across all of our social media networks. Earn free products, a lifelong discount code, 10% commission on every qualifying purchase, access to photoshoots and so so much more!

So come join our movement today. Let’s change what it means to be a woman and make a difference in society.



  • Lifetime discount
  • Further personalised discount code to share with followers and friends
  • Earn 10 % commission
  • Get early access to new releases
  • Participate in photoshoots
  • Opportunities to travel and participate in super fun events
  • Gain insider info – sneak peaks, updates, etc
  • Increased IG following and engagement
  • Learn how to become an influencer
  • Earn rewards, free products and so much more with our Ambassador exclusive portal
  • And most importantly – be a part of a supportive and uplifting community of strong women worldwide!


See what our ambassadors have to say about Vitae!


Brand Ambassador

It's like a community, everyone knows everyone from their ambassador program.


Brand Ambassador

It's perfect for the girls who's on the go, a festival in the day, and swimming at night.


Brand Ambassador

I love how accepting of all girls this company truly is.


Brand Ambassador

Their styles accentuates my body and gives me confidence.

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