12 Benefits of Yoga for the Mind, Body, and Soul

12 Benefits of Yoga for the Mind, Body, and Soul

In honour of International Yoga Day coming up on June 21st, the team at Vitae has come up with the ultimate beginners Yoga Guide for anyone and everyone!

What exactly is yoga and how does it benefit you? Yoga is a practice that focuses on physical and mental ways to connect the mind, body, and environment surrounding us.

There are sooo many benefits of yoga for the mind, body, and soul that we should take advantage of daily!



1. Mood Booster

Yoga helps with revitalizing the body and re-energizing the body and mind by getting your blood flowing, and heart rate up. Starting your mornings with a few yoga poses can help you kickstart your day in the best way possible!


2. Increases Flexibility

Yoga stretches your muscles and can stretch your limits on your range of movements. The poses that extend your body are perfect to improve your flexibility. Do yoga everyday and watch how it can help with flexibility in your legs, arms, and more!


3. Encourages Self-Care

The mind and body connection will help you understand how to listen to what your body and mind needs. Working on taking care of your mind, body, and soul is the ultimate trio for practicing self-care.


4. Mental Calmness and Clarity

Yoga relieves stress by promoting relaxation, calmness, and clarity. It gives you a moment of peace and silence. With all of these mental benefits, yoga is seen to reduce anxiety and help with depression!


5. Improves Balance

With many poses focusing on one side of the body, yoga helps with balance. Balance helps with improving daily activities, such as simply walking up the stairs. Focus your body towards steadiness, and watch your mind also create a stable mindset.


6. Improves Sleeping Habits

When we practice yoga, we focus on regulating our breathing and being present. This increases melatonin levels which helps with sleep patterns and preventing problems sleeping throughout the night. Yoga at night can help with a good night's sleep!


7. Helps with Pain Relief

Have tension in your neck, back, or shoulders? Yoga is a great way to relieve this pain relief by not only focusing on problem areas but by stretching out and muscles that may be sore!


8. Protects Posture + Injury prevention

Yoga is the perfect way to correct any posture issues! By aligning your back, shoulders, and more - this is a great way to straighten out your body. In addition, core strength is an important part of yoga, which also helps with posture


9. Improves Strength

As you continue practicing yoga, you will notice strength improvements in your core, arms, back, legs, and more! Using your body weight and balance, this is an effective way to feel toned and strong. Your muscles will grow without even realizing!


10. Encourages Mindfulness

The body, mind, and environment connection will help you get in touch with the present and be mindful of your surroundings. Yoga also requires focus and concentration for poses and mental clarity.


11. Make Healthier Life Choices

Not only does yoga help with keeping your joints healthy, but it encourages healthy eating habits and healthy physical activities. Part of yoga is listening to what your body and mind needs to help facilitate a healthier lifestyle.


12. Be Part Of A Community

The yoga community is an international, inclusive community, and there are so many ways to participate and get involved in a supportive environment! Go to yoga classes, grab your friends for yoga in the park, or be part of teaching others! 


Celebrate International Yoga Day by taking 15 minutes to stretch, meditate, and to connect your body, mind, and soul using these poses!

Remember to inhale and exhale throughout every exercise!

PS. stay tuned for all of your yoga needs coming SOON from Vitae Apparel.

In the meantime, make sure you’re prepared for a yoga fit! 

With love,




  • Thomson Smith

    It’s interesting that you mention that Yoga can help relieve back pain. My back has been hurting a lot lately, so I’m considering attending a Yoga class. I’m going to see if there’s a good Yoga class in the area that I can attend.

  • Shammy Peterson

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