Odyssey Collection

Ladies, consider this your formal introduction to our NEW Swim Collection, Odyssey. Inspired by endless summer nights and a forever journey of self-happiness.

With this collection, you’ll be able to embrace your 𝑶𝑫𝒀𝑺𝑺𝑬𝒀.

What’s in store for this collection, you may ask?



That’s right, we’re bringing back our best-selling Tanbabe Sets but with a special twist…Instead of a ribbed material, these Tanbabes are made with shiny and silky material but with the same sweat-wicking, stretchy, and supportive fabrics.

This is the perfect bikini for when you’re feeling a bit more cheeky, with strappy detailing for minimum-to-no tan lines!

Trust us, this babe LOVES to tan… PS. some may even say it’s better than last year’s Tanbabe Set..


Bohobabe Sets are the new cuties in town!

These sets are perfect for the ladies who like a bit more coverage with it’s high-waisted detailing and thick top band. This offers a medium-to-full coverage!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Vitae Bikini without it’s sweat-wicking, supportive, stretchy, and stylish fabrics, DUH! What more can a girl ask for?!


We know you’re dying to know our 4 NEW dreamy colorways:

Meet Ivy…
She’s sweet, yet loves a wild adventure - and loves to stay under the palm trees! Our Ivy Green colorway will make you feel ready to take on any wild and free summer adventures. Rumor has it that this colorway looks good on every skin tone! 💚

Meet Azure…
She loves a sun-kissed tan, the ocean breeze, rides the waves, and is always on Vacay! Azure is a pastel colorway with baby blue tones made for you to look and feel dreamy. Azure is an essential colorway for Summer beach days by the ocean💙

Meet Onyx...
She fits in and stands out. She doesn’t follow the rules and lives for long summer nights! Onyx is the colorway that makes a neutral stand out. Inspired by endless summer nights, this timeless colorway is perfect to wear all day, chasing adventure from sunrise to midnight. 🖤

Meet Orchid…
She’s a lover of all things FUN, adores long walks on the beach and anything self-care!
Our colorway Orchid is out-of-this-world! Orchid is a flirty yet classic colorway made to make you stand out and look your best💜

Each style is available in all four colors, so you can mix and match to make your own personalized set!


There you have it - our NEW dreamy Odyssey Swim Collection! We hope this collection makes you feel confident to fill your soul with adventure, wanderlust, and love.

Because wherever you go, it becomes a part of you. //

Oh, wait! I almost forgot… Did we mention we’re also RESTOCKING our Ultra Flex Sets, too! Trust us, you’re not dreaming! What are you waiting for?! You have some shopping to do...


Vitae Apparel, xx

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