Feel Like A Boss B!Tch In A Bikini

Pardon our language, but our Odyssey Swim Collection just launched and we’re here to get you ready for the next time you want to feel like a BOSS B!TCH in one of our Tanbabe or Bohobabe Bikini Sets.

It’s definitely difficult to feel confident 365 days out of the year. Of course, we all have good days and bad days, and sometimes these bad days may include not feeling like the queen that you are, or not feeling confident in your own skin.

Don’t worry! Whether it’s a beach day, pool party, tropical island, or cottage with the family - we came through and prepared 7 Tips To Feel Like A Boss B!tch In A Bikini.

As you should, sis!


1. Prep Your Skin And Body

Trust us, it’s good to be prepared. Although you may think this may be unnecessary, we beg to differ. We suggest having a full on self-care day to prep for your bikini day.

Get your nails done, paint your toes, do some self-tanning (if that’s your thing), practice your poses, and take a nice hot bath or shower to exfoliate your whole body. Because being a BOSS B!tch in a bikini starts from head to toe, duh!

Not only will you feel so much better, but it’s also an excuse to spend a day with yourself FOR yourself. And you know us Vitae babes... we love us some self-care. It’s absolutely necessary!

2. Find The Perfect Set For Your Body

Here at Vitae, we believe that all bodies are bikini bodies. However, we also know that people have different styles and comfort levels, and it’s important to find the perfect bikini for you!

Let’s start with how cheeky you are. You might want to consider if you feel comfortable in more coverage bikinis or minimal coverage bikinis. Although minimal coverage is great if you’re trying to get a tan on, more coverage can be more supportive and less risky.

Spaghetti straps? Thick bands? High-waisted bottoms? Low-waisted bottoms? Want to show off the girls? Want to show off your booty gains? Knowing what you want will make you feel 100% more comfortable in rocking the bikini that works for you.

3. Know Where You Want To Wear It

I mean, I’m guilty of being overdressed for every event and that’s okay! However, if this is something that may make you feel uncomfortable then dress for the occasion.

Are you on Vacay somewhere tropical or at home on a Stay-cation with your grandparents? This can definitely help determine how cheeky you want your bathing suit to be or what events might be going down!

Believe me, there’s a time and place to compromise cute for comfort - I learned that when I went cliff jumping and my top fell off. PS. you get style and comfort when you wear VITAE ;)

4. Channel Your Inner Confidence

Because your bikini glow starts from the inside out, babe. To feel like a BOSS B!TCH, you must believe it yourself! Don’t forget to remind yourself of all that you are and practice positive self-talk. You are cute! You are smart! You are glowing! And you look really good in a bikini!

Try not to compare yourself to others because all bodies are different bodies, and remind yourself that all bodies are bikini body ready. It’s normal to have curves and normal for oyur body to fluctuate throughout the day!

So, when you have your bikini on and you’re about to go out… look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you look good. AND BELIEVE IT - because you do.

5. Style Your Bikini

This is when you can get creative and set yourself apart from others! You don’t have to wear just a bikini the whole event. We have some style tips to make you GLOW just a bit more than you already do.

You can add some body jewelry or bikini wrap for a classy vibe, or maybe mix and match your bikini colorways to stand out. Even adding your fave pair of accessories (hat or sunglasses) can create the perfect bikini look.

Whatever way you want to style your bikini, we recommend staying true to yourself. But, as a Vitae Tip - you can’t go wrong with adding a Vitae Hoodie or Sweatpants to your bikini style.

6. Surround Yourself With HYPE-UP Friends

Of course we don’t need validation from others but it never hurts to get support from the people you love. Surround yourself with people who share positivity, love, and good vibes. This means hanging around people who bring out your BEST self, and vice versa.

It’s important to feel comfortable with the people you’re with because no matter if you’re wearing a bikini or fully covered in a jumpsuit, no matter where you are, you will feel uncomfortable.

Surround yourself with HYPE-UP friends and family who champion everything you do and say “YASSSSSSSS” when they see you WORK that bikini, girl!

7. Make It A Photoshoot

Honey, you’re hot and should be on any runway! Don’t feel like you need to hide from any cameras when you’re wearing a bikini. So, make sure to get in those pictures and post that cute picture on the Gram.

Show off that body, show off that bikini, show off the natural beauty that you are. It’ll feel so nice to look back on memories and remember that you felt like a BOSS B!TCH that day.

Plus, is it even an event without pictures, anyways?


There you have it - 7 Tips To Feel Like A Boss B!tch In A Bikini.

We hope you use these tips the next time you second guess whether you can rock that bikini or not. Go for it, and feel like your best self!

  • Cues “Feelin’ Myself” by Nicki Minaj Ft. Beyonce

And walks out like a BOSS B!TCH.

But on a serious note - you’re going to look amazing, babe.

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