This 2021 year, Vitae Apparel was so lucky to have so many ambassadors to support us in so many different ways. We could not be more thankful for our Ambassadors being a HUGE part of our community.

Now that the year is coming to an end, it’s time for our 2021 Hall Of Fame. Every year, we pick 9 Ambassadors who really stood out and showed their support for us for our hall of fame 

Although we appreciate every single one of you, these 9 Ambassadors showed their outstanding support all year round.


AMBASSADORS OF THE 2021 & their experience with Vitae Apparel:

Shannyn Champagne - Kitchener, Ontario
IG: @shannynchampagne 

Over this past year, Vitae has helped me grow so much and gain so much more confidence in myself. And as someone who struggles with body image and self confidence, that’s huge for me. I love being a part of such an empowering group of women. When I put on a Vitae set, I instantly feel confident, beautiful, strong and empowered! It’s such a wonderful community of women and I’m so grateful to be a part of it!

Myla Robertson -
St. Thomas, Ontario
IG: @mylalalala21

How Vitae has helped me grow is by always uplifting and pushing me to be my best but also creating the community of all of us is such an amazing thing and the involvement you ladies create for us, it's my favourite part! What role Vitae has played in my life is unforgettable! I truly love you ladies. You have impacted my life in such an amazing way, supporting me the way you have, I'll be forever grateful! ❤️🙏


Jessica Anderson - Carstairs, Alberta
IG: @jessica23081

Hey vitae babes! Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful community! I am so thankful to be apart of an amazing community filled with amazing women! ❤️ Vitae has played a massive role in my life the past year! And that role is that I have become so much more confident in myself! I am so thankful for all the other vitae babes and vitae itself! Happy new years and here’s to a great 2022!


Jessie Au - Coquitlam, British Columbia
IG: @jessie_au

Hi Vitae babes! Being a part of this community has really helped me expand my network and gain more confidence. Everyone here is truly so supportive! I recently started my own online fitness platform and without hesitation people have helped me answer questions, given me advice, and been the ultimate hype team!!! I’ve met some pretty amazing and talented people here and I can’t wait to meet more of you! xx Jessie


Haley Lang - St. Catharines, Ontario
IG: @haleyjactri 

Hey beautiful! Haley here! I found Vitae Apparel one year ago as I was trying to figure out my life as an athlete again. I needed a fresh start. Seeing the energy and efforts Selene, HQ, and all of you put into your everyday life EMPOWERS THE HECK outta me! I put on the logo and I feel like I can do anything. Over the course of the year, and with the true support of the Vitae community, I’ve found genuine love for sports and honest love for myself again…something that was for too long. Remember to take it one day at a time, allow yourself to breathe, and do what makes YOU happy. We see you. We hear you. We love you.

Stay safe & be you, Xo Haley ❤️


Amie Chiang - Vancouver, British Columbia
IG: @amie.chiang

Vitae provided a community for me during Covid when I needed it most. Not only have all the beautiful Vitae sets given me more confident in my own skin after having a second baby but it’s given me more confident to pursue my dream. Seeing how Selena has slowly grown this community has inspired me to finally start up my own business.


Doreen Der - Coquitlam, British Columbia 
IG: @doreen.luvs_

Hi, my name is Doreen. I'm a mama of two girls. I fell in love with Vitae's fitness sets and since then I became an ambassador since June 2021. Vitae has helped me with my self-confidence Also, to learn to accept and love my body and for who I am as a person. I am so happy to be part of this positive and supportive community. Remember to keep moving babes, you've got this! Happy new year and best wishes for 2022! Cheers!❤🥂


Marie Eve Bourget - Levis, Quebec
IG: @a_moi_de_moi 

Je suis vraiment fière d'avoir l'opportunité d'être l'ambassadrice d'une entreprise comme Vitae qui ne mise pas seulement sur le confort et la qualité des produits qu'elle propose, mais qui met aussi en avant le soin de soi. Prendre soin de soi, c'est faire au mieux pour son corps, son cœur et son esprit et Vitae l'a bien compris. Merci pour cette belle communauté !! xxx


Linda Wang - Coquitlam, British Columbia
IG: @_lin.wang_  

Vitae babes, thank you for always showing up and being a truly amazing group of ladies. Always showing up and reminding us all what fitness is all about. “Lifestyle” something that this company is all about. I have grown so much from this team. Being who I am and just embracing all my flaws because that defines who I am as a strength, not as a weakness. This group shows how important it is to feel good and to do it with confidence.



To these lovely ladies, THANK YOU so much for showing your support all year round. We couldn’t thank you enough for supporting us in different ways. 

To all of our ambassadors, your support does not go unnoticed! We see and love each and everyone of you and we can’t wait for you to see what 2022 holds for Vitae Apparel.

If you’re reading this and would like to become an Ambassador in 2022, please apply HERE:!

Vitae Apparel

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