How To Choose The Right Workout Clothes For You

How To Choose The Right Workout Clothes For You

Looking for a new activewear set that both looks super stylish and is completely practicable too? Feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the choices?

Girl, we get it! 

And the last thing we want for you is to be disappointed after ordering your dream fit online 😢

So we decided to offer just a little bit of our expert advice (regardless of whether or not you're purchasing from us or any other activewear company).

Trust us - these tips will absolutely help ensure that your newest fit works with you and any activity you've set your mind to...

Sound too good to be true? 

Guess again - keep reading, and you can thank us later... 😉


1. Make sure you get the correct size 

Before you even look at colour or pretty prints, it is important that you find your correct size first. Now, this doesn’t mean your ‘usual’ size per say. No - instead look at whether or not the fabric's stretchy or longer than usual. Is it see through? Is it an oversized fit? All of these are important factors to consider.

Whenever buying online (no matter activewear or otherwise), it’s always a great idea to check out the website's sizing guidelines. Sure, it’s not always perfect as not all bodies are the exact same, but it’s a really good starting point. 

Wondering about our size guidelines? You can easily find a link here. Otherwise - we have recently established a new feature called “Shop By Size” so you can see a bunch of different models in a range of sizes, to see what might suit your body type best!


2. Avoid fabrics that don’t breathe - you want sweat wicking technology

Let’s be real: you probably spend more time thinking about the print of your activewear rather than the actual materials they’re made from. And that's okay! Welcome to the club 😎 But try to steer away from certain natural fibres - like cotton - which soak up and hold onto sweat. 

Instead, reach for fabric that is designed to wick sweat off your body, remaining breathable and comfy cozy at all times. 

Here are some of our favourite sweat wicking options:

** Don't have your size in stock? 😔 Don't worry babe - we're restocking both of these styles and colour ways VERY SOON!!


3. Adapt with the seasons

Because as much as you really love your thick, yet breathable activewear set: it's not really that practicable going into summer, is it? So here’s our run down on what to wear during the different months:

  • SUMMER: During the warmer months, try to choose fabrics that are uber breathable and comfortable too. Dress in activewear that will keep you cool and allow you to move more freely. Super stretchy and flexible is the way to go! Reach for some bike shorts and a crop instead of your usual thick leggings.

🌞 Our favourite summer options:

*note!! We do have some sneaky new pieces perfect for those warmer days coming your way very soon... 😉 Yup - our biker shorts might be making a come back...

  • WINTER: Okay so this is a little trickier. Whilst it’s important to dress warmly in the cooler months, remember that you’ll still be exercising and boosting your heart rate/body temperature. With this in mind, dress in layers that you can easily remove. Keep sweat-wicking clothing as your inner layer and then an insulating layer on top. 

❄️ Our favourite winter options:


4. Colours matter!!

Really! They do! The colours you choose to wear can completely affect your workout on both a physical and psychological level. 

Tend to sweat more than most? Well then black probably won’t be your best friend on a warmer day. Red, however, is said to increase your heart rate and can be a powerful colour for high-intensity workouts, whereas neutral tones reflect a sense of calm, making them perfect for precise fitness routines like yoga. 

So remain aware of the certain mental effects colours can have on you during your workout - as science always knows best…

Here are our picks...

For those high intensity workouts 🔥

For those calmer, more zen-like workouts 🧘🏽

  • Anything from our recent Glow-Getter Collection! ✨ All of the colours and styles in this collection represent a sense of calm yet also passion and drive to achieve those goals! 


5. Find the right length for you

This one’s mainly for the girls looking for some new workout leggings! Whilst overall sizing is important, height is too. So the next time you’re looking for a new pair, head to the reviews and see if the sizing is better for shorter or taller girls. 

You can also have a look at the model’s height too (this should always be in the description). 

Because the last thing you want is having to roll up your leggings or feeling like you’re showing too much ankle :/

For our shorter gals:

For our taller gals:



6. Think about the extra bonuses (a.k.a pockets!!)

What do you really need from your new activewear set? Feeling like you need space to put your things? Find a pair of leggings which tick all of your boxes - but also have extra boxes too hehe. It makes that purchase even more exciting because it’s slightly more unique to any of the activewear you already own. And potentially even more practicable. 

Similarly, if you’re looking for a really flexible, second skin like activewear set, look for a seamless fit. Seamless fabric is super figure hugging and moves in complete harmony with the body during a workout. 

Here are some of our favourite, unique options:





Whatever it might be - establish what it is you need from your activewear first before committing to a cute pattern or colour. And then, Vitae Babes, we promise you won't be disappointed...

We hope that this little insight has helped you all to establish what you need from your next activewear fit. So go out there, chase those goals and find the outfit of your dreams to help you do it! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️


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