JUST DROPPED: The Everyday Bucket List Card Game!

JUST DROPPED: The Everyday Bucket List Card Game!

Okay, so we really stepped out of our comfort zone and made something just as amazing as activewear - our first ever card game: The Everyday Bucket List. And it’s officially live on The Vitae App ONLY with limited quantities.

And we’re soooo excited for you to get your hands on it! Click the button below to get yours - Need more deets? Here’s the full rundown…



Why The Everyday Bucket List? 

Life is too short to be waiting on the perfect day for adventures. Check off your bucket list daily by playing The Everyday Bucket List. Explore outside of your habits, make everyday a new adventure, and enjoy the thrill of life. Are you up for something new?

Who to play The Everyday Bucket List with?

The perfect game to play as a self-love challenge for yourself, or with your friends! If you feel like going on a self-adventure, challenge yourself to complete an adventure on your own. Or if you’re looking for the next fun thing to do with your besties - compete to see who can complete their adventure the fastest!

What is included in The Everyday Bucket List? 

The Everyday Bucket List is a card game made up of 54 different adventures, divided into 3 different categories to cater to the level of comfort you’re feeling that day (consideration costs, resources, and time): Exploration, Adventurous, Thrill-Seeking.

Exploration: If you’re up for a simple adventure or want to try something new with little commitment, this level is for you. Most adventure cards in this category require minimal or no costs, usually take less than 120 minutes, and require little-to-no preparation. 

Adventurous: If you’re looking for something exciting and possibly risk-taking, this level is calling your name. Most adventure cards in this category require minimal costs but won’t break the bank, usually can be done in half a day, and require some preparation.

Thrill-Seeking: If you’re feeling fearless and love an adrenaline rush, it’s like this level was made for you. Most adventure cards in this category require costs, may take up an entire day (or a big chunk of it), and definitely require planning and preparation.

WILDCARD: There is ONE wildcard in each category. Players who draw this card can pick ANY adventure they want. 

How to play The Everyday Bucket List?

  1. Review the legend and icons for each category.
  2. Pick a category that you’re up for.
  3. Shuffle the deck and pick one card from the category.
  4. If you’re playing with friends, take turns picking one card.
  5. Complete the challenge before your time runs out!!
  6. Repeat on another day when you’re feeling up for a new challenge.

Where to play The Everyday Bucket List?

This travel-size card game is the perfect game to bring with you EVERYWHERE. We understand that some days you can randomly crave an adventure - which is why this is perfect to carry along with you wherever you go (on a picnic, pool day, friend’s house, etc).

The Vitae Team beautifully designed The Everyday Bucket List while considering locations, times, and more. We understand it may be hard to find the adventure around where you may reside. But don’t worry - if you can’t find it in time or it requires a bit of a drive, save it for later and draw another card!!

When to play The Everyday Bucket List?

The perfect time to play it is when you’re craving an adventure and want to do a little self-love challenge. Which is why we’ve created #TheEverydayBucketList 4-Week Challenge starting on August 8th for you to join us! 

In moments of feeling lost or uninspired, find passion in your daily lives, and step out of your comfort zone. Make time to dive deeper into new experiences, and discover who you are & what you love! For 4-weeks, challenge yourself to pull a card and complete a new adventure on any day that you can! If you miss a day, it’s okay - do it at your own pace!

You can use #TheEverydayBucketList to win weekly prizes and a chance to WIN YOUR DREAM ADVENTURE +  ADVENTURE PACK (up to $500)!


Now that you’ve got the full scoop on The Everyday Bucket List - are you ready for the challenge?! Be sure to grab your deck just in time for the adventure!

There’s only limited quantities - and we won’t be restocking! Shop it now exclusively on The Vitae App. 


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