PSSSTTT 🤫 Check Out What's Coming Soon...

PSSSTTT 🤫 Check Out What's Coming Soon...

Feeling a little down that we've sold out of some of your favourite styles?

We know babe - we're bummed too! 😔

...Which is why we're pleased to announce that NEXT THURSDAY (March 4th) we'll not only be restocking some of your favourite pieces, but we'll also be launching some brand new sets too 🥳🥳

Now we don't wanna give too much away...

(Because that would totally ruin the surprise, right?) 

So instead, we thought that we could show you some little hints... 


Now our first newest colour way is for our babes who want a little pop of colour in their wardrobe - but nothing too firey!

These new colours (one of which you've known and loved before just in a new design) will keep you calm, collected and alert. Perfect for a chilled day out or an intense yoga session...

Can you guess what these styles may be? 🤔


Wanting something a little more subdued? Girl, you know we've got you covered...

Our second colour way launch is a little more mellow, yet just as powerful. Think warm, cozy drinks and crystals that sparkle in your hands. Now make it activewear...

Perfect for a good hike, a running race or coffee date - you'll be drooling over this colour scheme. And trust us, nobody will see you coming as you take first place! 🏅


Getting excited yet? 

We certainly are! 

So keep those eyes peeled for more updates 👀 Because we'll be giving you the run down (this time next week) of all the new pieces launching and restocking...

You won't want to miss out on these styles.

We promise you, babe!

Launching just in time for Spring... any guesses as to what these styles might be? 😉😉

We'll give you one last sneak peak... 



  • Kiara Maneus

    So excited for this launch!!!

  • Kristelle

    Omg can’t wait to see the new launch!

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