Self Love Success!!

Self Love Success!!

We're all trying to get through it. To keep pushing through, to keep smiling, despite the challenges 2020 and now 2021 keep throwing at us.

And at times, it's hard not to feel like you just want to give up 😔

We get it, babe. We feel it too.

But remember: your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. So keep the faith. You're stronger than what you think. 

And if the one thing you learn from this crisis is how to love yourself a little deeper, then girl - look at you shine! ✨✨

Yet we also know that this isn't easy. So we thought that we would share some of the ways that we've tried to reach this self-love success! 💗

Got your own insights too? We'd love to hear them! Let's help our community get through this together 


1. Ask yourself why?

Why is self-love important to you? Why is this something that seems so valuable. It might seem silly, but your answer to this question strengthens your ability to see it through. 

Remember this answer and allow it to assist you with your self-love journey as you go. Feeling a bit flat? Wanting to give up on it? Remind yourself why you started, and why you need to keep going. 


2. Commit

Nope - not 50% or 99% or even 100% - give this 150%. 

Whatever you have in you - give this your absolute all. Remember that workout you did last week, where you were about ready to give up but pushed all the way through? Remember how good that felt! And apply that to your self-love journey too. 

Make self-love a top priority. And never settle for anything less. 


3. Forgive

But as we remind you to commit, this in turn does not provide you permission to be hard on yourself. Babe, that kinda defeats the point, right? 

How can you expect to move forward with your self-love journey if you're still being held back by your anger and frustration? You can't.

So forgive yourself. Forgive the people around you. 

Give yourself permission to let go and move on.

And baby girl - trust us - you'll never feel so free.


4. Take baby steps

Don't rush it, babe. Slow down and take a breath. Remember that turning those dreams into reality all relies on your ability to honour and care for yourself. 

Take daily actions instead of jumping in head first. It doesn't have to be anything big or overwhelming, just small and consistent steps into the direction that sparks joy and nourishment. 

This could be as simple as writing down something you're grateful for each day. Or allowing yourself time for your mind to relax and unwind. 

Your self-care journey should never be rushed. 


5. Surround yourself with 'good' people

Because anything is possible when you have the right people to support you. 

Do the people you surround yourself with now inspire you? Do they want what's best for you or do you feel as though they might be holding you back?

Just because you've known them for years doesn't mean you need to keep spending time together. And similarly: just because you're taking a break from someone, doesn't mean that you won't be close again. 

Friendships come and go depending on where you're both at in your lives. And that's okay - it's healthy, we promise. 

So be a little pickier about who you spend time with and don't settle for anything less than you deserve. 

Be there because you want to; otherwise, simply don’t.


6. Healthy habits

Did you know that what you eat, how you exercise, what you spend your time doing all relates back to self-care? It's true!

So get out of the mindset of "I have to" and into "Maybe I don't want to, but I'll make it work because I care about me." 

Don’t feel like going to the gym? Girl, that's okay! Instead maybe put on a soul-soothing podcast and go for a walk.

Create habits that are healthy, not just mentally but also emotionally.




Which of these six tips do you want to grow from? 🌱

Can you take something away from this post? Did you learn anything new?

We'd love to know!


So let's continue on this self-care journey together. Let's remain kind, thoughtful, and engaged.

And let's truly kick 2021's butt together!


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