VITAE Ambassadors Share Their Stories (April Edition)

VITAE Ambassadors Share Their Stories (April Edition)
Story time!! 💖
We are back with more stories from our own incredible Vitae Babes! Our strong ambassadors are located all around the world and we are all united by our belief in female empowerment. We reached out to them to hear their personal stories of facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. Here are some notable stories from three of our ambassadors:
🏠 Canada
"I started doing yoga in 2012 as a way to help with pain management. I had been diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) in my left foot in 2009, a syndrome that has never gone into remission and left me unable to work, do some of my favourite activities or even walk long distances which instead require a wheelchair. Yoga helped me learn to move and become comfortable in my own body again. I began doing chair yoga and as I healed and learned how to move without causing myself pain I began moving away from the chair and completing certain standing poses.
The amazing thing I learned with yoga is that we are stronger than we think, not just physically but mentally as well. Being able to move my body in ways I never thought possible even before my diagnosis is an amazing feeling. Even without the movement yoga has helped with pain control and my overall well being through meditation and breathing. Life is better with yoga and I couldn’t be more excited to be a Vitae Babe and share my story."
🏠Georgia, USA
"My name is Lizzie Steele and I am from Georgia, north of Atlanta area. My story is about my mental health and finding out I have bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety when I was 16 then later in college I was diagnosed with clinical depression as well. I went to a therapist both times and they helped each time which was great. I suggest a great therapist to anyone dealing with mental health issues. It’s probably the strongest way that helped me. I went out to college and got very depressed and decided to come home and take off a semester. I got help and put on medication then later went back out to school. The second time I got even worse depression to where I couldn’t get out of bed and I flunked all my classes. I withdrew from college after that semester and went back home to Georgia for good and got a job.
I went back to a therapist and she helped me through my depression but as she was picking through my brain she came to the fact that I could have bipolar disorder. I went to a psychiatrist and got diagnosed with bipolar disorder II. This is the less severe case but it still takes a large toll on your life. With bipolar, I experience bad mood swings, impulsive behaviour, hypomania episodes where I’m feeling really good, and low depressive episodes. I was recently put on a medication that has been working for me and I haven’t been experiencing mood swings which is a crazy milestone! And honestly, working out is another form of therapy for myself and I highly suggest exercise to everyone. It’s so good for the brain and that’s always something my therapist and psychiatrist has told me to do."
🏠Massachusetts, USA
"I am a 2 month postpartum, breastfeeding mom and full time student. That being said, I get the life sucked out of me quite literally. 
Being stuck in the house, with a newborn, in the winter, when seasonal depression hits, really took a toll on me. My baby blues was very close to turning into full blown postpartum depression. I felt stuck. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was in a major that I love, but wouldn’t be able to make a stable career out of, not for a long time. I had this new body that I wasn’t happy or comfortable with, and wasn’t completely mine anymore.
Then, I discovered Vitae Apparel and the warm community that was built around the company.  I found a community of strong women from all different backgrounds that I know will support me through my new journey! Becoming an ambassador for Vitae gave me the confidence to take that leap of faith, halfway through my college career, to pursue my passion of marketing and design. Along with that confidence, I gained the motivation to start my fitness journey and build a healthier body that I am confident in. A strong, healthy body that provides for my daughter in many ways. I am changing my life for the better not only for myself, but for my daughter as well."

We hope these stories inspire you to face all your life challenges head on, whatever they may be, knowing that you will overcome them eventually. Resilience takes practice and we're rooting for you!❤️
If you have a story you would like to share, we'd love to hear it! Please email your name, IG handle, location, a photo of yourself in Vitae, along with your story to Make the subject line "Share your story" so we don't miss it!

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