VITAE Ambassadors Share Their Stories (February Edition)

VITAE Ambassadors Share Their Stories (February Edition)

Story time!! 💖

Vitae Apparel would not be where it is today without the support of our incredible ambassadors. These strong ladies are located all around the world and are united by our belief in female empowerment.

And so, we decided to reach out to some of our ambassadors in order to hear their personal stories of facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. Here are some notable and truly inspiring stories from three of our February picks:




🏠 Ontario

"My whole life I was very insecure. I never thought I was good enough, smart enough, and “pretty” enough for anyone or anything. During my high school years I was very bad to myself and did not treat my body the way it should have been treated. I did not like how I looked no matter how many compliments I may have gotten. I was trying to achieve a “perfect” body when there is no such thing!

After many years, I recently started changing the way I thought. I started eating better, stopped comparing myself to others and really started to get  to know myself and giving myself the self love everyone deserves even to this day. I couldn’t be more excited to continue my health and fitness journey feeling comfortable and confident!

You spend a lot of time in your head so make sure it’s a nice place to be. Thinking about your mental and physical wellbeing first is not selfish, it’s self care."




🏠 Québec

 "I had a baby 3 months ago... I found it hard to get back on my feet after childbirth. I soon figured out that I had postpartum depression. I was ashamed of it and didn't want to talk to anyone about what I was living because of the stigma around this mental health issue. I had a hard time loving my son and taking care of him, I didn't want to do anything. It was affecting all my family. I also had a very hard time loving the body that two pregnancies gave me.

So, I decided it was time to think about me and take care of my body and soul. I started working out 5 times a week and eating clean. I also spoiled myself with some nice Vitae Apparel (I only spoiled my kids for the past 2 years so that felt really good, plus Vitae makes my feel sexy.) It didn't take very long before I started feeling good again. It is true - healthy body, healthy soul.

3 months postpartum and I am now feeling better than ever, more confident than ever. My body is far from what I want it to be, but I accept it. I show off my beautiful stretch marks that 2 lives gave me and I enjoy being a mom with all the love it gives.

Girls, it is important to love yourself and show your kids that perfection doesn't exist. The only thing that matters is loving yourself and how you feel on the inside. Being healthy in all aspects of life definitely is part of the body love key!"


🏠 Australia 
"What do you think severe mental illness looks like? Do you think it looks like me? If not, then I have some surprising news for you. Mental illness doesn't have a look, a stereotype, a sure-fire way to identify it. It could be the happiest person you know, it could be your family or spouse and you may have no idea.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2019. I am still learning about what that means for myself. But the hardest thing people with debilitating invisible illnesses struggle with, is the lack of belief as to how bad things truly are and how much you are suffering inside or with physical pain. "But you look fine", "but you go to work", "why didn't you say anything sooner". If someone comes to you with their struggles, don't question, just listen and accept their truth and you could make a world of difference for them.

I, like many others, will be fighting this battle for the rest of my life. However everyday I wake up, and every night when I go to sleep, I have achieved something great. Something that I didn't think I would be around to do, but I am. And I will continue to be, and I hope if you're struggling, you will be too."



We hope these stories inspire you to face all your life challenges head on, whatever they may be, knowing that you will overcome them eventually. Resilience takes practice and we're rooting for you! ❤️

If you have a story you would like to share, we'd love to hear it! Please email your name, IG handle, location, a photo of yourself in Vitae, along with your story to


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