We Asked Our Ambassadors To Do A 30 Day Self-Care Challenge...

We Asked Our Ambassadors To Do A 30 Day Self-Care Challenge...

On the first day of July, we asked our lovely ambassadors (and the rest of the VITAE community) to take on a 30 Days Self-Care Challenge!

Oftentimes, we forget how easy it is to spend a little bit of time for ourselves to rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and souls. This could be because we think we’re too busy, or we don’t have the energy.

We wanted to change your opinion on making yourself a priority every single day! Because self-care really doesn’t need to take up a lot of time or energy. Actually, it may even help boost your energy and help with daily scheduling. 

Throughout the month, we asked our ambassadors some questions about how they felt about doing our 30 Days Self-Care Challenge, and here’s what 50 OF OUR AMBASSADORS had to say! 



Which has been your favourite challenge?

The challenge I found most striking was the poem challenge! I used to write often, but when 2020 hit, I found myself confronted with writer's block and feeling uninspired. The poetry prompt opened me back up -@Di_Chrystelle_Rosbro

Laeticia’s live class at Lonsdale Quay -@lisa_mango1

The poem. It felt weird to be truly honest with my emotions and to try to put it into words that are pretty together. But, I think I did good and it felt great to create something, especially to write something pretty when I know I’m not a writer by any means. -@annabellefaucher

Drinking 2 bottles of water! I have always had some difficulties drinking water in the day. So I was really proud of myself for doing this challenge. -@Audrey.caron

The water bottle challenge because I NEVER drink water -@bek__2

The first (making 3 goals you want to accomplish by the end of the month) because making three goals makes us feel motivated to complete it! -@elisalepage

Having to go somewhere new was my favorite, especially after lockdown. I went to new places and tried new food. I found out eating vegan food isn’t terrible! I feel more adventurous and I want to try more things! -@shakiyahmone 

Cleaning out my junk drawer! I tried to clean a little bit everyday and throw away what I don’t really use anymore -@janylavoie

My favourite challenge was "Go for a nature walk" because I love going hiking. Being in nature and breathing the fresh air is so good for the mind and body. Reaching the top of a hard climb and looking at the view at the end is so rewarding and breath-taking. It feels like an achievement and an accomplishment. -@Doreen.luvz

How did you stay motivated?

It’s usually something small that is easily achievable during the day, that’s what I told myself. I also reminded myself of the benefits of this challenge long-term. It felt really good to feel a change within. Sometimes I invited my friends to join the daily challenge with me when I wasn’t motivated to do it. -@annabellefaucher

Seeing other (Vitae) babes have fun doing the challenge -@delmarie4

I couldn’t go to bed without finishing the challenge. I felt like I was missing something if I didn’t do it. -@_lin.wang_

I noticed a difference in my mood so it made me want to keep going -@daphe01

I had it printed out and posted it on my fridge. Plus a friend was doing it with me! -@ccharette.sunxqueen

Selfcare for me -@kka.rock

My motivation came from Vitae! -@Aliyah.rose02

I put every challenge in my agenda and determined a time for the challenge every day -@karinakirouac 

I’ve been getting into a more regular schedule and reminding myself it doesn’t take long and I deserve it -@doren_bb

Knowing that I am important and I deserve to think about myself and do things enjoyable for myself. -@Golden_girls_rats 

Having a group of people also following it and having challenges to better myself that I knew were attainable -@nataliemp16

I love to challenge myself so it was awesome to have more ideas. -@mylalalala21

Just DO IT mind set -@ambercradle

What was something new you did because of the self care challenge? 

I tried the live workouts for the first time and it felt good to try a new type of workout and not have to stress about making my own workout and having to do it alone. -@elizabethm_fitness

Meditation something I’ve always wanted to do but never took the time to actually do. It was refreshing and let me learn a lot about myself -@ska.styling 

Making a list of things that I was grateful for and realizing how great life is even with all that had gone on in the past year (Covid, etc). -@lisa_mango1 

Setting a routine for myself for the next day. It helped keep me focused on what I needed to do that day. Even if I didn’t do it all, it felt great to check things off -@mmmellanie

The venting on a paper and ripping it up! I felt empowered lol I had some things going on so it came at the perfect time and it totally helped me. Definitely remembering that one. -@skysgettingfit

I've learn a new viral dance... and i feel a little bit ridiculous but a lit hilarious -@a_moi_de_moi

Something new that I did was take an online vegan cooking class. I was so excited because nutrition and wellness are very important to my life and my wellbeing (emotionally and physically). The tips and recipes that I learned will help me in my day to day life to be less stressed and happier. -@abigailsuzblue 

Something I did that was new was making a moodboard for my future goals. Making something visual allowed me to collect thoughts, ideas and create my own mood and colour scheme. It is something that helped me with inspiration, motivation and empowerment and goals. -@Doreen.luvz

How has the self care challenge impacted you overall?

This challenge has been a friendly reminder that self care should be a daily act, not just a once in a while thing. It showed me that I do have the time to make self care a priority for myself. -@jamarrrrra

It reminded me that I can achieve a lot more than I plan to do in a day. It reminded me the importance of slowing down and MAKING time, not letting “I have no time” be an excuse. -@nadinemiyamoto

It made me reconnect with myself and appreciate the person that I am. I realized that I don’t need no one to feel good about myself and that I’m my biggest fan. -@Charlottebosse

The self care challenge was eye opening! It really made me realize how important it is to take care of your body and mental wellness. It really helped me make sure I was taking care of myself and doing things for myself every day. -@serenachichi

The self care challenge offered me the opportunity for some introspection and inward reflection, for which I am so grateful! It also enabled me to take some time to be more mindful and intentional with the time I spend with myself. It also served as a positive distraction from my current medical challenges and left me feeling more optimistic. -@Di_Chrystelle_Roboro

It has made it so much easier for me to have fun and enjoy each day. I liked to do a wide range of topics because I feel like I am benefiting my future self by putting myself out there. -@abigailsuzblue

It has helped me ensure that I put the time aside to take care of myself. The past year really, I have been pretty focused on taking care of myself, but this challenge really cemented that in for me. -@livs_journey7

It helped me by reminding me to do something for myself everyday. It made me do something that I wouldn't usually do and I am grateful for it -@petiteclemi 

This challenge has had a really positive impact on me and many aspects of my life, especially self love! This challenge gave me the chance to think about doing something for me and only me everyday, it gave me the chance to see how good it feels to take care of my own person and how great it made me feel! -@Anneg_120

It’s reminded me to take time for myself, and that doesn’t always mean doing the big things. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking the time to drink some water. As a new mother it’s easy to put my son first above everything, but sometimes to be the best mom I can be, I need to -@skysgettingfit

The pandemic has affected everyone's mental health in various ways and it has made work very challenging and heavy for myself as a result and this challenge has helped me think of myself and do something for myself everyday. - @goldengirlsrats

It obligated me to take time for myself everyday. In this crazy world, we often forget or just don't take the time to slow down, learn something new, or to take my time. -@emie

It's helped me focus on myself for a change and get out of my comfort zone and out of bed to motivate myself -@bloom.with.cindy

What will you take from the challenge to continue your self care journey?

A little bit of “me” time can go a long way for my mental health. Thank you for doing this! -@Jessie_au

Doing something new because it makes me get out of my comfort zone and I feel so much better! -@marianne_levesque

Continue taking time, even if it’s only 15 minutes, out of my day to de-stress and focus on my mental and physical health -@isabellelouiie

To continue to love myself -@chelles_k

I need to make time for myself more often -@tasteoftco

The result of the 30 days (self-care days) had on my body - @Ema0066

Made me realize how important self care can be, and to make more time for myself that I rarely do -@amylafontaine_

What I’ve been practicing even before the challenge: meditation, reading, staying hydrated and learning new things every day! -@its_laazahg

Every day it only takes a few minutes to check in with yourself and do something good for you -@hulk4keeps_tiu

It helped me take a step back from the craziness of life and focus on myself and my mental health. -@Nicole_w_tiu

Just stay positive even though I'm experiencing emotional and mental breakdowns due to my exam preparation -@mecaramel


There you have it! Our lovely ambassadors share what daily challenges they liked the most, how they kept motivated, and how this challenge has impacted them personally. 

Even if there were days that you might have missed or just couldn’t get to, that’s okay. That is your reminder to pick back up and finish what you started. 

Thank you everyone for participating! You didn’t do it for us or the Vitae Community, you did it for YOU - and that’s the best part.

We hope you use this 30 Day Self-Care Challenge as a kickstart to your self-love journey.

We’re so proud of all of you, and you should be proud of yourself!


With love,

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