What is VITAE APPAREL about?

What is VITAE APPAREL about?

Feeling good and looking good takes many faces. You don’t need to be skinny, fit, or 5’9’’ to be a model. No one needs to look a certain way to be relevant. Celebrating oneself, takes from acknowledging the beauty within yourself and others no matter what you look like and are at that point in time. 

We design swimsuits and fitness apparel to make you look and feel comfortable in your own skin, in whatever activity you wear it in. Recently, we also extended our social media presence to increase awareness of environmental issues. Our brand ran two giveaways on this basis - the Ocean Giveaway and the Amazon Giveaway. In each giveaway, we donated thousands of dollars to organizations such as Amazon Watch and The Ocean Cleanup to help preserve our oceans and The Amazon Rainforest.

By creating this blog, we celebrate who you are and who we are as a brand. It is a blog written intently for you. Vitae Apparel is not just a brand, but a community of strong and supportive women. 

In this blog, we will feature everything we are about and for from our ambassadors, to environmental awareness, to sharing experiences on mental health, self-love and body positivity, and how we as brand support you on that path; and finally, to read about exclusive insider updates behind the brand’s workings. Come get a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes at our campaigns and photoshoots, upcoming designs, and who our ambassadors are and their time in Vitae.  

Vitae started as a movement to destroy the social standards for women and our ambassador program operates as a medium to the social movement. We take pride in working with girls of different body types and ethnicities. We reach out to women both locally and internationally in hopes to spread our message and our mission to raise awareness about improving ourselves inside and out. 

May this web space be a place these things can be a home to. 



Author: Karissa DeGuzman

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