10 Reasons Why You NEED Vitae Leggings

10 Reasons Why You NEED Vitae Leggings

Let’s be clear, it’s no secret that VITAE leggings are the talk of the town.

If you’ve been eyeing a pair of leggings for some time, here is your sign to finally go for them!

These are the top 10 reasons why you NEED these leggings:


1. Comfortable As F@*k

Pardon our language but these leggings are just too good. Easy to put on? Easy to take off? Easy to workout in? Check, check, and check!

Our buttery-soft fabric is the comfort that you’ve been asking for. Not only is it silky-soft but it’s also breathable. A workout set you can breathe in = a workout set you can live in!

When comfort and chic make a baby… you get VITAE leggings.


2. Booty Poppin’

Leggings that make your booty look amazing?! YES PLEASE!

We have leggings with a wide waistband and a dip down seam detail in the back of the leggings to make your booty look more lifted. This flattering detail is just an added bonus with VITAE leggings - but it might just get you obsessed.

Come on, babe… do your booty a favour.


3.  Piling Is Not It, Sis

We understand how annoying it can be when your pair of leggings starts piling. That’s not a problem here at VITAE.

With this in mind, we made all of our leggings with silky smooth fabrics of nylon and spandex! This prevents piling and keeps your leggings looking good as new, unlike the other leggings you might be used to...

Say NO to piling, and say YES to silky smooth VITAE leggings.


4. Care-free Cardio

Run carefree and with no worries when you wear our leggings with a non-slip waistband.

A variety of our leggings are made with a non-slip waistband to prevent the top of the leggings from dropping or rolling down during any activity. Don’t deal with inconvenience, these leggings stay in place when you need them to.

If this problem happens to you - it’s time to fix it, babe!


5. Bye, bye, bye SWEAT

When we said our sweat-wicking material was a game changer, we weren’t lying!

Hate sweat stains? Hate feeling sticky while working out? Our sweat-wicking material prevents you from feeling sweaty all workout long by preventing any moisture from getting through your clothes.

Live your best workout, and have a SWEAT-FREE time!


6. Stretches Your Limits

We love a good stretchy pair of leggings, especially when it’s EXTRA stretchy.

Our leggings made with 4-way stretch material helps you move freely during any workout and allows you to be as flexible as you want.

Stay unstoppable and stretch past your limits in our 4-way stretch leggings.


7. Livin’ For The Length

We are LIVING for the lengths here at VITAE.

If you’re 4’11 or 6’2 we have a pair of leggings with the perfect length for you. Our best-selling ⅞ leggings are a hit - no matter the height!

Oh, & pay attention… Some of our leggings have a cute detail cut at the bottoms.


8. All for 1, 1 for All

Leggings that are a fit everybody, and anybody!

At Vitae, our activewear is made to make any woman feel confident and comfortable - no matter what shape, size, race, age, ethnicity, or otherwise! That’s why we’ve created pieces that will look good and feel good on anybody.

So, call up your besties - it’s time for y’all to get matching sets.


9. Up For The Challenge

Leggings that are fit for any activity!

Whether it’s rock climbing, weight-lighting, pilates, running, cycling, or dancing - VITAE has got you covered. Our versatile leggings are ready to smash any light or intense workout and overcome any challenges!

The question is… are you up for the challenge?!


10. Feeling Strong + Empowered

A disclaimer of feeling like a confident BOSS should come with our leggings ;)

Our leggings not only make you feel like the strong BOSS that you are, but when you buy VITAE, you are automatically part of our community where we empower women. Plus, step out of your comfort zone with the variety of colors that we offer!

Stand for women, stand for body-positivity, stand for diversity, stand with VITAE.




These are the top 10 reasons why you NEED a pair of our leggings… but for the other reasons - you’ll have to see for yourself.

Whatever you need in a pair of leggings, we’ve got your back.

Get yours and find out why everyone’s obsessed with VITAE leggings here.


With love,

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