Are You Up For The 30 Day Self-Care Challenge?!

30 Day Self-Care Challenge

We’re doing a 30-Day Self Care Challenge, and you’re invited to join us!

Here at Vitae, we believe that every single day should be a Self-Care Day.

This challenge has a new activity every day that revolves around either your mind, body, and/or soul!

Follow along for a self-love journey!




DAY 1: MIND: Set 3 goals you want to finish before Day 30 It's easier to get stuff accomplished when you have a plan!

DAY 2: BODY: Set a routine to follow for tomorrow

Out of ideas for the next day?

Morning stretch, journal, breakfast, workout, go to work, dinner, and night-time routine!

DAY 3: SOUL: Make a list of things you’re grateful for

Here at Vitae, we’re grateful for:A great team, amazing ambassadors, BC warehouse, and all the love from our customers!

DAY 4: MIND: Recite positive affirmations

Here are some of our faves…

  1. Grateful to see another day

  2. Grateful for a positive support system

  3. Grateful for mental and physical health

DAY 5: BODY: Go for a nature walk

Vitae’s Fave Vancouver Spot: The Black Tusk Trail

DAY 6: SOUL: Plan a friend date

Text your friend and plan a much-needed coffee date. You both need it, babe!

DAY 7: MIND: Meditate for 15 minutes

If you're new to this, that's okay! Head over to our IGTV guide for a beginner's meditation.

DAY 8: BODY: Do a facemask tonight

Vitae’s Fave Face Masks: Summer Friday’s Masks and GlamGlow Clay Mask

DAY 9: SOUL: Vent on a piece of paper then rip it up

Write down what's been weighing you down recently and then destroy the paper!

DAY 10: MIND: Learn something new

Learn a new language, learn how to play a sport, learn how to cook! Whatever it is, expand your mind with new knowledge!

DAY 11: BODY: Do a 15 minute stretch or yoga session

Read more on the benefits of yoga here:

DAY 12: SOUL: Wash your sheets and pillowcases

This one is for your soul & SKIN! Wash your sheets to feel refreshed in the morning & night!

DAY 13: MIND: Read for 15 minutes

Whether it’s your fave book, a news article, or one of our VITAE blogs - reading is great!

DAY 14: BODY: Laeticia IG LIVE guided stretch

Head over to our Instagram: @VitaeApparel on this day to get a stretch sesh in!

DAY 15: SOUL: Watch the sunset or sunrise

Find your inner peace and connect with our beautiful earth.

DAY 16: MIND: Watch a documentary

Let’s Netflix and chill! Make it a documentary to discover something you never knew about.

DAY 17: BODY: Go to bed early tonight

With a proper amount of sleep, you'll be able to feel recharged and ready to take on the day!

DAY 18: SOUL: Clean out your junk drawer

Declutter your surroundings for a clearer mind and soul!

DAY 19: MIND: Do something creative or artsy

Here are some activities to find your creative self:1. Paint a picture

  1. Write a poem

  2. Take pictures

  3. Make a scrapbook

DAY 20: BODY: Nourish yourself with a hearty meal

This is your sign to have a TACO NIGHT!

DAY 21: SOUL: Dance to your favorite song

Dance like no one’s watching… and if there is, who cares!

DAY 22: MIND Take a nap and recharge

Naps help you feel recharged and refreshed to take on the rest of the day!

DAY 23: BODY: Make a fitness goal for the day

Try for a personal best at the gym, try that ab circuit that you're scared to do, jog for an extra 5 minutes today, or make a set plan of days to go to the gym!

DAY 24: SOUL: Write a short poem based off how you really feel

Roses are red

Violets are blue

We want to embrace 𝙨𝙚𝙡𝙛-𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚

How about you?

DAY 25: MIND: Go somewhere new

Go someplace you haven't been before! Visit those places you've always been meaning to try

DAY 26: BODY: Drink 2 full bottles of water

HYDRATION IS KEY! Drink that H2O this day and every day!

DAY 27: SOUL: Give yourself advice you need to hear

Give yourself one piece of advice you think you need to hear the most right now.

DAY 28: MIND: Make a moodboard for your future goals

Either on a corkboard or virtually - express your ideas and thoughts onto one space!

DAY 29: BODY: Laeticia IG Live workout

Head over to our Instagram: @VitaeApparel on this day to get a sweat sesh in!

DAY 30: SOUL: Celebrate You!

Celebrate your accomplishments! Stop fixating on what you haven't done and celebrate the small wins. Look! You’ve finished the 30 day challenge and that’s something to be proud of!



Did we mention that we'll be giving 6 FREE FITNESS SETS?

Every 6 days of this challenge, one lucky winner showing their self-care progress using #Vitae30Days will be chosen to receive a FREE fitness set. This will be announced the next day!

  • 2 entries = post and IG story of you doing the challenges (video or picture), and tag us using #Vitae30Days
  • 1 entry = post story challenge calendar (we'll provide a version for you!) with days you've completed marked off, and tag us using #Vitae30days

We are so excited for you to be a part of this! We hope this helps you find inner happiness, makes you feel healthy, and rich in life!

Get your FREE challenge here

With love,

Vitae Apparel xx

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