Sneak Exercise Into Your Everyday Activities

Sneak Exercise Into Your Everyday Activities

As we delve further into the New Year, kicking goals with our resolutions and challenging ourselves to new possibilities, at times it can seem harder than ever to commit to a workout routine too. 

And you know what - that’s okay. No, seriously. It’s important to look after your self-care, and if the idea of exercising is making you panic with all of the other work you have to do, simply press pause. Breathe. And let’s evaluate. 

Most experts typically recommend adults get a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise a week (so just a little more than 20 minutes per day). Now this could be of moderate intensity or a full strength training - as long as you’re getting that body moving. 

Don’t have time for 20 minutes a day? 

Girl, we feel you.

But here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate some fitness into everyday activities you're already doing… And trust us, you won’t even realise you’re committing to exercise 😉


Rise and shine

Whilst you’re waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning, get your body moving a little and ease into some gentle stretches. You could even add a couple push ups/sit ups into the mix… (don’t kill us - it's just a suggestion hehe)


Take the scenic route

Do you drive into work everyday? Maybe try riding your bike in instead? Or perhaps it’s close enough to walk?

Not an option? No worries - instead find a car park further away that encourages you to walk a bit further. Or instead of the lift, take those stairs, girl. 


Move on your lunch hour

Get out of your office and move around a little. Have a quick bite to eat (make sure it’s yummy and nutritious) before getting a quick walk in or run around those errands you’ve been putting off....


Use stationary time to your advantage

Waiting in line for a coffee? Or maybe for public transport? Use this extra time to your advantage and stretch! You could even do some squats. Sure, people might be looking at you funny - but you’re the one who’s making the most out of their time… so who’s the real winner here?


Use technology to your advantage

Find yourself constantly on your phone and unmotivated? Set some daily alarms to encourage you to move around and throw you out of that routine. Similarly, organise fitness goals in your calendar and set reminders to stick to them. You’ve got this, girl!


Netflix and chill (workout style)

Next time you find yourself just sitting and watching TV, motivate yourself to start a workout. Do some planks, sit ups, push ups, whatever your heart desires as you watch your favourite flick. You’ll be so distracted by the show, you won’t even realise you’re working out.


House WERK

Did you know that simply doing housework can be a great way to burn calories?! Yep - it’s true!! Try to move vigorously through your house as you vacuum, wash the floors, scrub the dishes, etc. Wash your car by hand. Do some gardening. 

Not only will you feel like you worked out hard, but you’ll also feel amazing for completing those important tasks too.


Use those friends to your advantage

Okay, that sounds a little bad hehe. But when a friend suggests a catch up, rope them into some physical activity instead. Because sure whilst the usual dinner, drinks or movies is fun - nothing quite beats a competitive game of tennis or a dance off, or a yoga class with your bestie.

Feel the burn together.


See? It’s that frickin’ easy to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. And the beauty is - you only have to choose one of these eight choices everyday to get that 20 minutes in. 

We understand that you’re busy (go girl boss, go) but we also greatly value the importance of self care and looking after your body. So we hope this helped you gain a little more motivation. Let us know if you use any of these tricks yourself?

(Oh and please, if you decide to start squatting whilst you’re waiting for a coffee at your local cafe - send us a video so we can all giggle together!! 🤣🤣)



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  • valerie rose morones

    I love this!! It was super helpful!! I didn’t realize what lil workouts we can implement in our everyday lives!

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