We at VITAE APPAREL recognize the harmful effects that mass production has on the environment. We are conscious of our company’s carbon footprint and are constantly working on becoming more sustainable. Our mission is to continue providing high quality, affordable apparel for our valued customers while ensuring ethical manufacturing practices. We want to maintain transparency around our current manufacturing processes and around our initiatives to shift to becoming a more sustainable and eco-friendly company.


We have also utilized RecoTex in some of our swimwear. RecoTex♻ is an eco-friendly polyester fabric that is made entirely of recycled water bottles. It is certified as Green Mark by EPA of Taiwan and meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100. It is also certified by Intertek Recycled Polyester Management System and by the Global Recycle Standard. We are also currently using the scrap materials from production to create masks for COVID-19 protection.

We now offer eco-friendly fitness sets that are made with our new CompressLux♻ fabric. This fabric is designed from pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled nylon materials, including recycled fishnets. Recycled nylon materials can be constantly re-used for future products, which reduces waste. In addition, during the process, we reduce levels of crude oil, water usage, CO2 emission, and other toxins from entering the planet.


All our manufacturers are located in PRC. We’ve ensured that all the workers in our manufacturer’s facilities are paid fair american living wages, have safe working conditions and treated ethically according to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. All our manufacturing partners are also GRS and BSCI certified. Additionally, we’ve ensured that all our manufacturers function in line with Vitae Apparel’s Supplier Code of Conduct.


Being a female owned company, one of our core beliefs has always been female equality and empowerment. This is reflected in our staffing. 100% of our in-house employees are female. Even the manufacturers we work with are all female-owned! Additionally, we have created a group on Facebook where our Vitae Babes can share their stories and seek advice in a safe and supportive environment.

Besides this, Vitae Apparel is always searching for ways we can support greater causes. Having such a large and dedicated following, we feel it is our duty to use our platform to raise awareness about injustices happening in the world. In 2020 alone, we have donated $30,000 USD to The National Police Accountability Project, $10,000 USD to Black Lives Matter, and 30,000 face masks and counting to Greater Vancouver establishments in need of COVID protective gear.


Reflecting on our past initiatives is crucial in understanding our impact and creating goals to improve Vitae Apparel’s sustainability. Here is a timeline of all major events that have impacted our sustainability:

    2022 GOALS

  1. Transition to the exclusive use of recycled fabrics like RecoTex in our swimwear to promote more sustainable products.✔
  2. Implement an environmental monitoring and evaluation criteria system such as The Higgs Index.
  3. Modify our packaging to be completely recyclable.✔