We’ve spent over 1.5 years making CompressLux come to life. From putting mental ideas onto a sketch pad, to researching recycled fabrics, to multiple sample testings, and finally finding the perfect combination, we’re so excited for you to experience the CompressLux.

Not only is our CompressLux eco-friendly, but it offers a snug compression fit that enhances performance, shows-off that muscle definition, and decreases soreness post-workout, all while maintaining a breathable, ultra comfortable, and extra stretchy feel.

We’ve worked hard and continue to work hard to reach our goal of becoming more sustainable, all while holding the same VITAE values that you know, which is not having to compromise style for comfort or affordability.

CompressLux is a big step in the right direction for us.


  • Designed with lightweight recycled nylon materials 
  • Ultra comfortable and breathable compression style for a luxurious feel
  • Knit & dyed into beautifully bright colorways 
  • High-quality soft and durable materials
  • Eco-friendly meets workout-friendly
  • The perfect blend of: 70% Recycled Nylon, 8% Spandex, 22% polyester.


Recycled nylon materials are considered 'waste' from other manufacturing and industrial processes. Some nylon materials include fishnets, ropes, tents, and more. By using these fabrics, we minimize the use of petroleum and other harmful materials to the environment during the process. As a result, we reduce CO2 emission, crude oil, and water usage.

In addition, recycled nylon can always be re-used to create new products, which promotes a circular pattern of reusing, repairing, and recycling. Apart from being very eco-friendly, recycled nylon is a much stronger and durable quality than other recycled fabrics.


With a blend of compression fit technology, 4-way stretch technology, and soft materials, our CompressLux fabric will make you feel like you’re working out in luxury.

When you wear this, you’ll be thinking about the future environment and the future YOU.

Future environment: by using eco-friendly recycled nylon fabric, we are doing our part to help the planet, all while keeping the quality of the product. 

Future YOU: by getting quality sets with a soft compression fit technology, you’ll enhance performance, decrease muscle fatigue, and promote muscle definition. 

Who knew recycled nylon materials could feel so good? Well, now you do.


1. Collecting recycled nylon products:
Pre-consumer and post-consumer nylon waste is collected. These are products that have been used or unused by consumers but are still ‘waste’, such as recycled fish nets, recycled ropes, and other recycled nylon materials. 

2. Cleaning and filtering impurities: Recycled nylon materials are then de-polymerized, refined, and filtered. Dyes, dust, oils, or any other impurities are then removed to make sure the recycled nylon is clean to use. 
3. Recovered CPL: Certified Product List is then obtained. This ensures that the recycled nylon materials have been safely tested and conforms to a set of standards. Note: the manufacturer is BSCI and GRS certified.
4. Turning chips and pellets into yarn: The recycled nylon materials are then turned into little recycled nylon chips and melted at a low temperature into long strings of pellets that eventually make-up the recycled nylon yarn. 

5. The yarn is knit into the fabric: The yarn is then used to be made into our exclusive CompressLux fabric. The fabric is then used to make compression fit sets: leggings, biker shorts, sports bras, and crop tops from The Recharge Collection


Here at Vitae Apparel, we’re always doing our best to strive towards a more sustainable approach of activewear and other products. 

We ensure manufacturers follow the code of conduct with all employees being paid fairly. We also ensure they are GRS and BSCI certified, which means it has met and exceeded a list of qualifications during standard testing to be eco-friendly and skin-friendly. 

Our CompressLux is a big step in the right direction for reaching our goals of becoming more sustainable and we’re so excited to continue this journey with you.



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