Happy May, besties!! We're back with a NEW Ambassadors Share Their Stories Blog Post and we're highlighting the inspiring stories of Bianca, Nicole, and Hudson!

Let’s meet some of the incredible women who are part of the #VitaeBabe community and learn how they overcame and continue to overcome feeling unconfident, dealing with anxiety, and living with depression.


Bianca Boisvert
Quebec, Canada

“About a month ago, I started feeling very uncomfortable with my physique. I had put on a bit of weight. The gyms closed. Christmas time arrived. I stopped working out. I started eating more. I didn’t have balanced nutrition habits which made things go “downhill” really fast.

I remember looking at myself in the mirror and noticing every part of my body that had changed. I did not feel beautiful at all when I tried on clothing that I wore when I was fit. Now that clothing was all tighter than it used to be, my self-esteem shattered. It was hard to feel confident with such a low view of myself.

Although I had trouble loving the way I looked, I realized that I should see beyond the beauty standards society has created in order for someone’s shape to be perfect and to love myself no matter. Not everything you hope for will happen for sure. But, one thing IS for sure, YOU will still be there every instant of your life. Cherish that and build yourself to become who you want to be.

That period of time taught me that everything was NOT going downhill. That even if my physique had changed that was all. I was still the energetic, supportive and loving person I have been since day one. I shouldn’t have left the way I felt about my body affect the rest. I learnt that feeling confident goes way beyond looks. Now, I love my love handles. I love my thick thighs. I love my energy. I love my stomach. And above all, I love me.”

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Nicole Penner
Ontario, Canada

“I overcame my mental and physical health this winter 2021 for one of the first times I can remember. I am a 27 years old and I have Seasonal Depressive Disorder; which causes me to have low energy and the uncanny ability to stay hidden under my weighted duvet for prolonged periods of time.

This winter I showed up prepared to beat my mental health and pushed myself through to focus on my physical being. When the sun didn’t shine, I knew to find my salt light lamp and to get my body moving. Mel Robbins “5 second rule” of counting down and just doing it has helped me tremendously.

It was hard, I’m still battling it everyday the sun doesn’t greet me in the morning but I refuse to let it keep me down. Knowing what you struggle with is the base line of figuring out how to fix the problem and moving along with it. I was diagnosed in my teen years and it has taken me this long to find out what works for me. I am so thankful I never gave up and continued to put myself first. SDD has nothing on me.”

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Hudson Sinopoli
Vancouver, BC

“Growing up I was always body confident. I never once looked in the mirror and wished that I could change something about me. I was beautiful even with all my lumps, and rolls, and stretch marks. That was until the body ideals of social media began to consume me. Day after day as I scrolled past stick thin swimsuit models, with small waists, skinny legs and big boobs, I began to question myself and my body. “Am I beautiful?” “Is my thigh fat normal?”.

I began to drop the weight, my life consumed with counting calories, working out, looking in the mirror to make sure I hadn’t gained a pound. For 2 years my life was overtaken by the idol that my body had become. Wasn’t working out supposed to be something that made me feel strong and happy? Wasn’t food supposed to be fuel and happiness? That’s when I decided to delete all social media, cover up my mirrors with paper, and delete all macro counting apps. This had to change. But things didn’t overnight. It took months of reminding myself the truth that I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am strong. Not because of that way my body looks, but because of who I am on the inside.

I started focusing on feeling strong, eating to feel full and satisfied, and listening to my body. Because that is what being healthy and happy is truly about. I am going to be honest, there are still some days when my mind begins to tell me the lies of not being good enough. But immediately I push those lies away and replace them with truth “you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are strong”. So for all you girls out there that ever hear those lies that tell you that you aren’t enough, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are unique, you are kind, you are breathtaking. You are you. And you is beautiful.”

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Whether you're trying to navigate through your self-love journey or you get hit with an unlucky life obstacle - if you can relate to any of these ladies above, just remember that with time everything will get better.

We are so honored to have such strong women as our VITAE ambassadors, who are able to share their stories and let other people in this community know they are not alone. Thank you to these strong ladies for being so open and vulnerable.

Loved these stories? Stay tuned for next month for Ambassadors Share Their Stories (May Edition)! ;)


If you have a story you would like to share, we'd love to hear it!

Please email us at with your name, IG handle, location, a photo of yourself in Vitae, along with your story and your favourite Vitae set/pieces. Make the subject line "Share your story" so we don't miss it!

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