How our team stays committed to self-care

How our team stays committed to self-care

We know some days can be really hard and sometimes you just need a break. Trust us, we get it. This is why we’ve implemented a “Namaste Day” for our team members to have a paid day-off - the only exception? No working, just self-care!! 

What exactly is a Namaste Day? Each team member gets a PAID day-off to focus on themselves each quarter (4x a year)!! The only exception is that you cannot clock into work, or your Namaste Day doesn't count. Curious how our marketing team spends their namaste day? Keep reading! 


Selene, CEO & Founder

  • Long drives listening to music
  • Camping or being outdoors
  • Relaxing at home with my cats
  • Watch sunsets

Sydney, Project Manager

  • Take my dog to the park
  • Spend some time reading
  • Go to the gym for a workout
  • Cook something I love

Jaclyn, Creatives and Social Media Manager

  • Morning coffee
  • Move my body and workout
  • Journal my thoughts and feelings
  • Spend time meditating

Vina, Content Marketing Specialist

  • Go to the gym and workout
  • Visit friends & family 
  • Treat myself to something I love
  • Get creative and paint

Emily, Graphic Designer

  • Go for a coffee date
  • Head to the gym for a sweat sesh
  • Read my favourite books
  • Spend a cozy night in 

Micaela, Community Manager

  • Do a pilates class
  • Walk to the farmers market
  • Buy myself a matcha
  • Try a new restaurant



Here at VITAE, we’re committed to staying true to our brand values on work and off work. Mental and physical health has always been important values to Vitae Apparel as a brand, as a community, and as a team. 

So, we've created Mental Health Journal Prompts for you to do daily, weekly, or monthly (whatever you prefer) to help you with your self-care journey! 

All you have to do is download The Vitae App and you'll have FREE access to download the PDF. Go on, do it for YOU and download HERE

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