Base Camp, our brand new collection. Engineered to combat winter blues and empower you to experience the thrill that winter truly has to offer.

Embrace winter’s embrace, your passport to epic adventures.

Now live to shop!


A variety of different fabrics made to give you what you need for your winter adventures. 


ULTRA: Our signature fabric that everyone is obsessed with. Custom made with a mix of Nylon and Spandex. An irresistibly buttery-soft and stretchy fabric paired with breathable yet durable features.

SCULPTLITE: A blend of Nylon and premium Lycra. A special fabric that offers ultra breathability, high elasticity, buttery-soft feel, and sweat-wicking technology. Ideal for any and all of your workouts.

SUPERKNIT: A knitted 100% Nylon fabric! Designed with a compression feel, quick-drying technology, 4-way stretch, and an ultra soft yet durable material. Your go-to for any indoors or outdoors activity.

SHELL: Made with 100% Polyester for a shell-like material. Engineered with waterproof technology - durable to conquer snow, wind, and rain. A lightweight and breathable fabric perfect for winter sports.



ULTRAPRO: Just like our signature Ultra fabric, but cozy! UltraPro is engineered with inner fleece technology adding warmth for your outdoor adventures. A special mix of Nylon and Spandex to create the perfect stretchy, breathable, and lightweight feel.


SOFTLUX: Uniquely crafted with a combo of Polyester and Elastane for the ultimate luxury feel. Acts as a thick base layer for winter activities, whilst offering comfort, breathability, and freedom of movement!

ULTRATREK: Crafted with a blend of Nylon and Spandex creating a full fleece feel. Made for cooler climates, this thick and warm fleece will keep you cozy. Made soft, breathable, durable, and lightweight.

The Perfect Match

Not sure which set is for you? Take this quiz!

First, pick which option is your current winter vibe. Then, keep reading for a special surprise to find out which sets are perfect for YOU.


If you picked option #1, you're an Alpine Shredder! These selections are made for the snowboarding and ski lovers who are always looking for some winter fun. These products will help you layer up so you can comfortably shred some snow in warmth!


If option #2 was most like your vibe, you're a Winter Trailblazer! You love hiking outdoors and reaching new heights! These ultra comfortable products are perfect for keeping warm, yet feeling lightweight and breathable while you break a sweat.


For those who picked option #3, you are a Winter Gym Belle! You are a workout and gym lover who loves to stay active. Whether it's lifting weights or running outdoors, these products are for you. Perfect pieces for any intensity workout you're up for!


You are a Snow Bunny if option #4 was calling your name! These selections are for the fashion and leisure lovers living out their Pinterest boards. You're there for the apres ski fun and iconic moments like showing off FULL matching sets!

Base Camp is officially live to shop! This limited-edition collection is here for a good time, not a long time. Be sure to gear up before it's too late!

What are you still doing here? Shop now!

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