October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

This month is about spreading awareness, getting educated, and supporting those experiencing breast cancer. As a company that continues to strive to build a women-empowered community, we encourage you to be part of helping us support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Here’s how to make a difference this month:

Give yourself a self-examination

Although it doesn’t seem like a huge difference, this small habit can make a BIG difference in your life! Be sure to regularly check your breasts for any signs! Not sure how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

1) MIRROR CHECK: In a mirror, be sure to look for visual signs. You can do this by standing straight with your hands by your side. Do you notice any unusual signs? Asymmetry of the breasts? Lumps? Unusual dimples? Redness? Change in skin colour? Repeat with your arms raised above your head and check underarms moving side to side.
2) STANDING CHECK: Stand with one arm raised above your head, use 3-4 fingers from the other hand to examine the breast. Start from the outer edge of your breast and move your fingers gently in circular motion moving up and down to feel for any signs. Do you feel any lumps? Any pain? Hardening knots? Any other breast changes? Repeat with the other breast.

3) LAYING-DOWN CHECK: Similar to the standing check, but do it laying-down flat on your back! Raise one arm above your head, and use your other hand to examine your breast. Check for all symptoms as you would in a standing check. You can also squeeze the nipple to look for any unusual discharge coming out. Repeat with the other breast. 

4) CLINIC CHECK: It is recommended for women to get check-ups every 2 years at the clinic. Self-examinations are great but it’s always good to get a second examination! If you experience any signs, we recommend checking with a physician for further examination. 

Shop PINK & donate!

We’ve made donating easy for you! We know it can be difficult to look for organizations to donate to, so for the month of October, we’ve incorporated it on our website!

We've dropped a NEW Exclusive BCAM Collection in a new exclusive colour Maya Pink - a soothing unique pink inspired by Vitae Ambassador, Myla Robertson, who represents strength and courage as a breast cancer survivor.

For every order with an Exclusive BCAM Item, we will donate $5 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You get to shop your fave pink items & contribute to a great cause! 

If pink isn't your colour, don’t worry! You can shop anything on the website and make an additional donation at checkout if you want to support! 

If you'd like to shop & donate, check out our website here:

Spread Awareness

First things first. Do your research! Did you know about 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime? It’s important to learn what breast cancer is, how it can affect you, the different types, how to prevent breast cancer, and what you should do.

In short, breast cancer is a disease where cells rapidly grow in your breast that can form a tumor. This can affect you physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and more. Although women over 40 years old are at higher risk, there is still a possibility for younger women having risk factors.

It’s also important to remain active and healthy, physically and mentally to decrease your chances of Breast Cancer. PS. look out for our exclusive Breast Cancer Awareness Yoga Video dropping soon! Learn more here:

Be sure to send gentle reminders with your friends and family & encourage them to make a difference in their life by staying educated and aware! 


We are happy to be part of spreading awareness this month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and doing what we can to help.

We are always encouraging women to support other women, and this is a great way to do that. Spread awareness, share knowledge, and encourage each other.

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