Spooky October is officially over, so it's only right to start Sustainable November (PS. we know this isn't a real thing but can we make it a real thing?).

This month we are challenging you to participate in our 7 Day Sustainability Challenge! Not only is this a great way to be environmentally conscious and change your daily habits to more eco-friendly ones, but it's a great way to recharge and elevate your lifestyle.

Did we mention there's going to be a HUGE GIVEAWAY at the end of the challenge? That's right, we're giving every person who participates a chance to WIN A $300 GIFT CARD. Every challenge completed = one entry to the giveaway!

A new fresh month is the perfect time for a new fresh start! Are you up for the challenge?!



Day 1: Dry clothes on a rack We're kickstarting our challenge with an easy swap at home! Day 1 we're challenging you to dry your clothes on a rack! Instead of using your washing and drying machine, try to hand wash your clothes and air-dry your clothes by hanging your clothes up on a clothesline or on a rack! Not only can this help with taking care of your clothes better, but this simple habit swap helps the environment by using less electricity and less water.

Day 2: Donate unwanted items

For Day 2, we're asking you to donate, replenish, or fix unwanted items! Instead of throwing out your clothes because there's a rip, doesn't fit anymore, or just isn't your style - try to replenish it into something new yourself! You can use the old fabric to create a new top or into something useful that can be used at home. If you don't think you can, donate your items to a donation centre! Your used stuff might just be someone else's treasure. In addition, this helps decrease waste from entering the planet!

Day 3: Use reusable bags If you haven't already made this habit swap in your life... girl, it's time to! Stop using one-time plastic bags when you go to the grocery store or wherever your shopping, and start bringing your own reusable bags! This can be a tote bag, backpack, or whatever you like! Not only will you save 5 cents for every plastic bag you need at the store, but this also helps reduce plastic from entering the ocean, and ultimately the planet.

Day 4: Use a reusable water bottle

Day 4 of the challenge and we're challenging you to use a reusable water bottle! This is a super easy habit swap but does wonders for our environment! Ditch your plastic water bottles and get yourself a reusable water bottle (as a bonus, ditch the plastic straws too!). Reusable bottles are great to have as you can keep your water cold or warm for longer than a plastic water bottle, and it's so much better for our environment! PS. get 20% OFF our Stay Hydrated Water Bottle on this day (November 4th, 2021) for 24 hours only!

Day 5: Walk or bike to your destination If you aren't going to far, we're challenging you to walk or bike to your destination. This cuts down on gas emissions and helps with global climate change. Not only is this a great way to stay active, but it also helps with reducing pollution and toxic waste from entering our environment. If you aren't able to, consider carpooling with some friends or co-workers!

Day 6: Eat a plant-based meal

Day 6 and we're challenging you to eat a plant-based meal! It's important to be aware of meat intake, as production of meat is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and adds pollution to the environment. Not only is this a great way to stay healthy and feed your body with nutritious ingredients, but it's also a great way to reduce daily meat intake - helping decrease production of meat.

Day 7: Do an outdoors workout

We're ending our Sustainability Challenge with a BANG! This one's for YOU! What's a better way to end our challenge with an outdoors workout? Grab your fave Recharge set, and take your workout outdoors! Not only does this help you recharge your body, mind, and soul and get connected to nature, but it's also a great way to use less electricity than going to the gym or using electric workout machines! Come on babe, you got this!
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These simple challenge days are a great way to stay connected and mindful of how our habits affect our environment. We made The Recharge Collection with the future in mind - and the future is still in mind! Participate in this challenge for the future environment and the future YOU.

Don't forget to tag us on your stories @vitaeapparel for a chance to win the HUGE $300 GIVEAWAY at the end of the challenge. We'll also be giving a FREE 30 Day Habit Swaps List for you to keep for yourself! Follow us here to stay tuned!

With love,
Vitae Apparel

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