5 Tips To Make 2021 Your Fittest Year Yet

5 Tips To Make 2021 Your Fittest Year Yet

It’s officially 2021, which means our New Year fitness resolutions are in full swing! Maybe you’re powering through these new goals, or maybe you’re starting to struggle (don’t worry babe - we’ve all been there). Regardless, there’s been no better time to really give fitness your absolute all - and we thought we could provide a couple tips to help you strive!

We enter 2021 facing a new challenge, which we’ve never quite encountered within a new year: Covid-19. And so we understand that for a lot of you, hitting the local gym is just not an option right now. Whether you’re working out at home, outdoors, or anything in between - we hope these tips can help to guide you and make 2021 your fittest year yet!

  • Create a fitness agenda / plan

  • Put it on paper, girl! Because once you write down those aspirations, those certain goals you have, it makes it real. And you feel the absolute urge to commit. 

    And we don’t mean just writing down a vague goal like: I want to lose weight. Because, sure, whilst that’s a goal that you could totally achieve, you need to expand a little more. How will you lose this weight and feel a little better about your body?

    Maybe it’s: eat healthier foods, listen to my body more, start off with a light jog every morning before work, build up to further distances… the list goes on.

    Having a structured day works well too (for both your active and normal lifestyle). Schedule in your planned activities and don’t just “do it when you feel like it”. Workout better at night? Perfect - write a note in your diary that forces you to commit to that time slot. 

  • Challenge yourself with new exercises

  • We all have those exercises we always gravitate more towards… and that’s okay! It’s important to be comfortable when setting out to achieve some goals. But in saying that - it’s also important to challenge yourself too.

    This could be as simple as changing up your cardio routine with new exercises, or maybe you could even go a step further and instead of doing weights, go for a hike! Haven’t worked out with friends before? Why not give it a shot? Because even if it doesn’t work for you, at least you gave it your all. And hey! Maybe you’ll even find a new routine you love even more than your last...

  • Stay hydrated!!

  • Whether you’re working out or having a rest day, water consumption is so incredibly important. Try to drink eight ounces of water before and after each meal. Not only will this keep you full and stop you from eating more than you need, but it’s also a great way to stay hydrated and healthy through the day.

    Getting a bit bored of plain water? Babe, we totally get it. But maybe, instead of reaching for a substitute loaded with sugar, try simply adding a slide of lemon or lime to a glass. Not only does this have great health benefits for you and your skin too, but it also tastes amazing. You could even add in some berries for that sugar fix!

  • Stretch, stretch, stretch

  • If you’re only going to set one goal this year that’s easy to commit to and great for your body - this is it. Often, the reason as to why we stop working out after the first couple times is due to that aching pain that lasts for days after your workout. 

    But that doesn’t need to be the case. Try to encourage yourself to take that time and stretch before and after your workouts. Warm up that body before doing any strenuous activities and then cool it down after. It will do you a world of good - we promise. 

    It’s also a great idea to start stretching before bed too. Not only will it relax your body before sleep, but it’s also a great way to incorporate that important step in your workout routine if you were too tired/busy to do it earlier.

  • Go at your own pace! You got this!

  • Whilst it’s great to challenge yourself and compare progress with friends, remember that your body is completely unique. This is your fitness journey: not anybody else’s.

    Because when we start to compare ourselves to one another, we end up feeling worse about ourselves - and this can lead to us giving up entirely. But if you know in your heart that you’re doing the very best you can, that’s all that matters. Honestly. 

    You've got this, babe. Don’t stop now.


    So there you have it - just some of our favourite tips for making 2021 your fittest year yet! Did you find any of these tips helpful?






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