Self Care Challenge

Self Care Challenge

You’ve probably heard this many times before, but there’s never too many times to remind you that self-care is an absolute priority - in fact, your most important priority.

Sometimes we can lose track of putting ourselves first, especially trying to balance busy work schedules, event obligations, and more (& that's okay!!). However, doing small acts of self-care can be beneficial for so many reasons and they don’t have to take much time out of the day!

Our Self-Care Challenge will help you spend a short period of time with yourself doing a self-care activity that focuses on becoming your healthiest best self, mentally, physically, and/or spiritually.

Our Self-Care Challenge lasts 30 days but we recommend using this timeless PDF to repeat these self-care activities every single month! Check it off when you’re done, do it out of order, repeat your faves - whatever you do, put yourself first this month, and every month!

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