What’s a better way to kickstart our 2022 year than with Vitae Ambassadors Share Their Stories: January Edition?! Nothing! We thought so too ;)

Our beautiful ambassadors for January are Savannah Davis, Alexa Schoch, Mackenzie Clements who discuss their struggles with mental health, journey with body positivity, and overcoming any struggles along the way!

We are so excited and grateful to share their stories with you all. So, let’s get into it, babes!

Savannah Davis

Utah, USA

It was May 2020, I just turned 24, just about to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary, and we were about to close on our first house. So many positive things happening, I should be happy! But I was really struggling. I was at my heaviest weight, struggling with health issues and horrible depression, and I was on the brink of becoming pre-diabetic. I knew something had to change. While we packed up to move to our new home, I threw out all the junk food. I started a keto diet and turned one of the rooms in our new home into a home gym! I bought a cheap elliptical and a few sets of weights, as well as followed a few fitness YouTube channels. I worked hard, changed my entire lifestyle, and have since lost 100 pounds! I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I live to challenge my new healthy body, I love to roller skate, hike, ride my bike, box, and run with my dogs and husband. You deserve happiness, find what that looks like for you and grab it by the horns and never look back

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Alexa Schoch
Toronto, Ontario

I was a long distance runner for most of my life. I was on the track team in school. I have participated in many charity runs and cycles. I am passionate about fitness and have always been very active. I became sick 7 years ago, I had to stop all activities I was involved in. I couldn’t physically do any fitness, it even became difficult for me to climb stairs. I gained 50 lbs in a year. I was very depressed. I underwent major surgery and had a massive tumour removed. I found it difficult to go to the gym after. I wasn’t motivated and was sluggish from the weight I put on. I forced myself to go a few days a week and after a few months I started to feel good and motivated. Then during a follow up visit at the hospital The doctor discovered a complication. I had to undergo another major surgery and have a implant put in my abdomen wall. I was just making progress at the gym and felt defeated by my own body. The recovery was long and difficult. A year after that surgery, I started to ride my bike to work 18k each way. In the beginning, It took 1 hr 45 mins to get there. I slowly gained my strength back and by the end of the year it took 1 hr 20 mins. I am working hard everyday, little workouts at a time to bring me back to my old self again. I’m almost there!! I feel healthy and strong! This year will be my best year yet!

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Mackenzie Clements
Guelph, Ontario

Growing up I had always struggled with mental health and body image. I always would worry more about what I looked like rather than what was going on around me and always assumed people were so focused on me. Not only this, but I also struggle with depression and anxiety which is the biggest factor as to why I felt this way. As i’ve grown up i’ve found it easier to understand that my anxiety is the reason I felt like everyone was watching me and most people are sitting around me thinking about themselves and how they look to the people around them as well. It is easier to understand that with medication, I can feel better while still struggling with these issues. I used to be afraid to take medications as I thought that I would be judged, but they help me to find a nice medium between my struggles, my intrusive thoughts, and dealing with those around me. Recently during the previous lockdown, my mental health took a turn for the worst and I had almost completely given up on myself, but Vitae and the community has helped me understand that I am not the only one with these struggles and there are always people that I am able to go to and there are people everywhere around the world with these struggles. With the help of Vitae, I have also realized to prioritize myself as I have always prioritized how I am being perceived by others because it is the reason my mental health is deteriorating. Being confident in my own skin is the most important thing for me right now and is what I will be working on through the new year.

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We want to thank these lovely ambassadors for sharing their story and we are so proud of them for all they've accomplished. It looks like 2022 is gonna be OUR YEAR to be our best self!

We hope this is a great friendly reminder to start the new year - everyone is on their own journey, on their own path, at their own pace!

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If you have a story you would like to share, we'd love to hear it!

Please email us at with your nameIG handlelocation, a photo of yourself in Vitae, along with your story. Make the subject line "Share your story" so we don't miss it!

With love, Vitae Apparel xx

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