We're back with another Ambassadors Share Their Stories: March Edition! 

March marks the month of International Women's Month. We're so excited to introduce you to three of our lovely ambassadors who make us proud being part of an empowering community of women. 

Kim Ngo, Mirva Marc, and Naomie Carrière share their stories relating to their fitness journey, struggling with depression, and overcoming fears. 


Kim Ngo
Toronto, ON

Fitness has always been therapeutic for me, especially in times of uncertainty. It helped me get through the new experience of being away from home for university, and it definitely helped me get through this pandemic thus far.

When everything was locked down at the beginning of the pandemic, all I had was time to overthink and stress about the uncertainty in the world, and all the other negatives that came along with it. In all the chaos, going to the gym and working out (once it finally opened) was something I could look forward to.

It started off as a distraction from everything we were facing as a society. For at least a couple of hours a day, I could forget about all the bad in the world. From there, it evolved from a distraction to a deep passion. This was one thing that was still in my control -- I still had the autonomy to focus on what I wanted to prioritize and achieve for myself. I could make my own goals without anyone else dictating what my limits were - I had the power to figure that out for myself. It became a way for me to challenge myself and grow as a person.

Now, although the pandemic is not over yet, I plan on continuing to use fitness as an outlet and hopefully share my experiences in order to help anyone going through a similar struggle.

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Mirva Marc
Gatineau, Quebec

It was about two and a half years ago, I was at my third out of four session on college. Everything was fine, I had friends, my grades were good-ish, and I had some kind of motivation. Out of the bloom I just started to feel very much more anxious every time I had to step foot in college.

I felt like the only thing I wanted to do was isolate myself from everyone and everything. I wasn’t feeling good in my body, I felt disgusted by myself, the way I looked, my hair, my hands, and everything was just off for me.

I would do some homework and projects in an isolated classroom where normally no one would go, I would fake call-in sick, so that I wouldn’t have to go to work or even to school. Teachers started to send me e-mails asking me what is going on, asking why I wasn't coming to class anymore. At this very moment I knew I had to go get some help. I then booked an appointment with my family doctor over the phone and told him what was going on. He told me that it really looked like generalized anxiety and depression, so he referred me to a therapist.

While all of this was happening, I met this incredible man (who is now my lover). He motivated me to go out and not stay home in the dark, he would bring me to do some activities, and go out to eat, just to put my mind elsewhere. I also talked to a therapist who confirmed the diagnosis of my family doctor.

From that point, I decided that I needed to push myself, and with the help of my boyfriend it made things so much easier. I got out of my depression, went back to work and school full time. Till this day, I still struggle sometimes with depression and anxiety but I developed some techniques to help me go through it, such as listening to music, taking a walk, hanging out with friends. It’s a daily struggle, but with good help and techniques there is always light to the end of the tunnel.

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Naomie Carrière
Québec, CA

I was 10 when I broke my left arm. At that age, I was passionate about gymnastics and spent all my free time trying out new moves. My goal was to do gymnastics in a club and compete. So, every time I went to my friend's house, I practiced on her trampoline because I didn't have one. I did back flips, front flips, etc. I was not afraid of anything because gymnastics gave me adrenaline and I loved it.

One day I did a move that I had wanted to do for so long on the trampoline. I was so happy and proud of myself that I overestimated my abilities and decided to do the same move on the grass. So I rushed and I landed badly on my left arm. I heard a "crack" and I fell. I looked at my arm, and saw that it was broken and deformed. I panicked, I screamed, and I cried.

My mother picked me up at my friend's house and took me to the emergency room. When I got to the emergency room, they replaced my arm and put a cast on it. For two months I was in plaster and I could no longer do gymnastics. I was so sad. When I got rid of my cast, I couldn't do gymnastics because I was afraid to do it again. However, I kept in mind my dream of being able to participate in a gymnastics competition.

Time passed and it was only at the age of 14 that I decided to join a competitive gymnastics club and with training I managed to overcome my fear of injury. In addition, I managed to achieve my dream and win medals in competition. As a young girl it took me a lot of courage to get through my big injury, but my motivation to achieve my dream was stronger than anything. I'm proud of myself.

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These wonderful women are proof that our VITAE community is filled with kickass, strong, and powerful women who are capable of what they put their minds to. 

We appreciate our #VitaeBabes Kim, Mirva, and Naomie for taking the time to get vulnerable with us and share their stories to help give our community perspective, strength, and empowerment. 

Thanks for reading, babes! See you next month<3


If you have a story you would like to share, we'd love to hear it!

Please email us at with your name, IG handle, location, a photo of yourself in Vitae, along with your story and your favourite Vitae pieces. Make the subject line "Share your story" so we don't miss it!

With love, Vitae Apparel xx

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