Got Qs about our Disconnect to Reconnect Era?

Our 'Disconnect to Reconnect' Era is all about taking a little break from the digital world to engage with our community in person. We're focusing on real-life interactions, listening to your feedback, and building stronger connections. This means more in-person events, our NEW ERAS pop-up tour, and interacting with our team to be apart of our re-brand process.

Stay tuned on our IG for the full reveal this weekend :) July 13th, 2024.

To put it simply, 3 MAIN THINGS are happening with only ONE GOAL in mind: TO REBRAND VITAE.

1. We are going on our VITAE NEW ERAS Pop-up Tour during July 25 till end of August.

2. We are putting our Vitae App on pause. (See more details in the App FAQ Section)

3. We are putting our Vitae Ambassador Program on pause. (See more details in the Ambassador FAQ Section)

Our NEW ERAS Pop-up tour will last from July 25 till end of August.
Our team will be gathering all the feedback and interactions from our pop-up tour and will use the month of September to finalize our rebrand. Expect our rebrand to be announced Early October.

Your order will be processed as usual. We are working hard to ensure all existing orders are fulfilled promptly. We did have a bit of issues with our delivery companies hence there has been a bit of delays but you will continue to receive updates on your order status via email. Please check your inbox for notifications about your shipment.

To check the status of your order, please look for a confirmation email that would have been sent after your order shipped from our warehouse, which includes a tracking number. If you have not received this email and it has been past our processing time, please contact us customer@vitaeapparel.com with your order number so we can investigate further. You can track your shipment through the link provided in the email.

Yes, our website remains active for online purchases even as we focus on in-person events.

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us at customer@vitaeapparel.com. We will process cancellations and refunds in accordance with our standard policies.

Our customer support team remains available to assist you with any questions or concerns about your order. Please reach out to us through customer@vitaeapparel.com.

For any issues related to your order, please contact our customer support team at customer@vitaeapparel.com. We prioritize resolving any concerns to ensure customer satisfaction.

Yes, you can still return or exchange items in accordance with our standard return and exchange policies. Please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Your store credits will remain intact and can be used for future purchases. They will not expire during this period.

Yes, we will provide regular updates through our social media channels, Email List and weekly YouTube episodes to bring you along on our NEW ERAS Pop-up Tour, Re-branding behind the scenes and so much more.

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Yes, we are working on SOOoo many exciting new products and enhanced community efforts as part of our rebranding efforts. More details will be shared as we approach the relaunch date!


FAQs related to our Ambassador Program and more.

Your ambassador points will remain in your account, you will still be able to earn points with limited activities. The program will be revamped in early October with exciting new features.

Yes, the program will be significantly revamped to include both online and offline experiences to earn points and redeem rewards while fostering a stronger community.

You will keep all your current commission. You can continue to earn commission during this period.

Yes you will. However, once our Rebrand is finalized, our program will be revamped and that may include a new structure to our commission program.

If you have reached the minimum payout threshold of $50, your commission will be paid out as usual.

You can continue to earn commission during this period.

During this period, you will still be able to earn and redeem points on our current platform. We will have an export of ALL your data before we revamp the Ambassador Program early October so we can always look back on them should any questions or problems arise.

We are exploring different platform options to give our Ambassador Program a complete face lift, we will keep you informed on @vitaeambassadors IG Page.

Yes, our rebranding will involve updates to our brand identity, values, and messaging to better reflect our mission and community focus.

Absolutely! We would love if you will continue to share your discount code and mentioning VITAE whenever you wear it and to be apart of our VITAE family and continue to promote our in-person events and rebranding journey.

Key milestones include the in-person pop-up events during the VITAE NEW ERAS Tour and the official relaunch on October 15th. We will provide updates on additional events and milestones as they approach!
Also, we'll be vlogging our entire behind the scenes process on YouTube, so follow along :)

The transition will be managed through a series of coordinated events, communications, and updates. We aim to ensure a smooth and engaging transition for our community.

The rebranding process will continue through October, with the official relaunch set for October 15th.

We are going to continue to use @vitaeambassadors for ANY MAJOR UPDATES. If you are on our Email List, you will also be receiving emails.

As for our FB Group - we are going to pause until we finalize our Re-brand.


FAQs related to our Vitae App and more.

During our NEW ERAS Tour and rebranding process, the Vitae App will be temporarily unavailable for new downloads and purchasing items. However, existing users who have already downloaded the app can still access all the resources like meditation guides and workout programs. The app will be back with enhanced features and available for new downloads in early October.

Yes, if you have already downloaded the Vitae App, you can still use all the resources available, such as meditation guides and workout programs. However, purchasing items through the app will not be possible during this period.

Unfortunately, new users will not be able to download the Vitae App from the app store during this period. The app will be available again in early October.

All non-purchasing features of the Vitae App will remain available, including meditation guides, workout programs, and other wellness resources.

To stay updated on changes to the Vitae App, follow us on our social media channels and sign up for our Email list. We will also send out notifications via email to keep you informed.

GOT MORE Qs that we didn't answer?

Email customer@vitaeapparel.com and we are happy to clarify anything!