Down to Earth Collection Just Launched! 16 New Must-Have Pieces for Your Wardrobe!

Down to Earth Collection Just Launched! 16 New Must-Have Pieces for Your Wardrobe!

Ask and you shall receive! We heard you loud and clear, so we came out with 16 new fitness pieces that continue to fit your lifestyle! 🎉

Stay down to earth, but reach for the stars in our Down to Earth Collection! 🚀 Yes, that’s right Vitae Apparel is blessing your wardrobe with new styles and colors but with the same amazing quality and support that you know and love!

It’s like being a kid in a candy store, we know! How can anyone decide what to pick with so many incredible options?? 😍

So, here’s the 411 on our newest additions...

1. Ultra Pulse Sports Bra 

Our Ultra Pulse Sports Bra made with light-wear and breathable fabrics will take your breath away! This comfortable, breathable, and soft material is perfect for any workout. If you’re weight-training, stretching, doing some cardio, or any other activity, this sports bra is a must in the gym bag! 🏋️‍♀️ 

This unique sports bra comes in a variety of vibrant colors, which will make stepping out of your comfort zone feel so easy and free! 

Colorways include Matcha Green, Blue Lagoon, and White - which all serve you looks of earthy goddess meets sporty goddess vibes. Find your inner earth goddess! 💙💚

Disclaimer: Falling in love with our Ultra Pulse Sports Bra is an effect! ❤️


2. Ultra Pulse Leggings 

Let’s be honest, high-waisted = high standards, no sweat = no problems! 🙌🏼 

Are you ready to get your heart rate up in our Ultra Pulse Leggings? 

These leggings are made with sweat-wicking, stretchy, and breathable technology that will get you through any level of intensity during a workout! 💪🏽 Detailing around the ankles and butt to give you extra curves, these leggings are a no-brainer! Don’t skip a beat, and get these Ultra Pulse Leggings before they’re gone!

These come in the colorways Matcha Green and Blue Lagoon - perfect for completing a set with our Ultra Pulse Sports Bra! 💚💙


3. Ultra Brace Sports Bra 

Looking for the perfect sports bra that gives you maximum support and style? Don’t sweat it! 😅

We created a super supportive sports bra with thick straps and an adjustable back strap! 

We got your back with our Ultra Brace Sports Bra! Our trendy, supportive, breathable, and comfortable sports bra will help you move freely and feel up for any challenge! This is where stylish meets supportive and supportive meets practical! Our first ever Sports Bra with Built-in padding to support your girls extra well 🙏🏼 

Brace yourself for the sports bra you didn’t know needed it! 

This unique sports bra comes in the colors Chocolate Mocha and Black giving you the power to get right down to business!💪🏽

Pair these with any one of our shorts and leggings for a complete look! 🤎

4. Ultra Hit Pocket Leggings 

You had us at ‘pockets’! POCKETS! Yes, you no longer need to worry about where you should put your phone or keys. 

Our Ultra Hit Pocket Leggings are trendy, breathable, sweat-wicking, and practical with a pocket! These leggings are made with fabrics so soft and slip-free that you’ll forget you’re wearing leggings! Trust us, it’s soft like butt(er), you can thank us later. 😉

A BACK pocket for all your workout needs. You no longer need to worry about the items in your side pockets weighing you down! 

Our Chocolate Mocha colorway will give you the boost of energy needed to absolutely kill your workout! 🤎

Hit the gym or studio in our Ultra Hit Pocket Leggings! At Vitae, these leggings are a must have! ❤️


5. Ultra Flow Pocket Leggings 

Squat check, stretch check, sweat check...workout check! ✅ These leggings will make working out feel like a breeze! 

Ultra Flow Pocket Leggings are flattering in all the right places, and here to give you comfort and style. Our light-wear, non-slip, and breathable leggings are perfect for any workout! 🏋️‍♀️ 

And, the best part is that these leggings come in the colorway Black with a deep side-pocket for all your practicality needs!! 🖤

99 problems and finding the perfect pair of leggings is not one! Ready, set, flow in these Ultra Flow Pocket Leggings! 


6. Ultra Flow Pocket Biker Shorts 

Making your transition from workout wear to everyday wear effortless... Just like our new Ultra Flow Pocket Leggings but shorter! 😍

Stay stylish and sporty in the gym, outside, or at the workplace! ☀️ Our Ultra Flow Pocket Biker Shorts are the new everyday piece to your wardrobe. Made with soft and stretchy material, as well as a waistband that will stay put, what else? Pockets! Does it get any better? 

You’ll be wanting to wear these comfortable, chic, and practical biker shorts all day! 

You won’t regret it, our Ultra Flow Pocket Biker Shorts in the colorway Black will give you ultra glow all day! ✨


7. Ultra Run Sports Bra 

Support and a sports bra, name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait.😉 

Our Ultra Run Sports Bra is here to give you the support that you need while you’re running, dancing, or even just stretching! With comfortable and flexible material, this sports bra will make you feel ready to overcome any challenge! 

Oh, and did we mention it comes in Electric Blue to make you feel like the vibrant and strong queen that you are? 💙 Run to try our Ultra Run Sports Bra before it’s gone! 


8. Ultra Power Leggings

If you’re a sucker for comfortable yet chic everyday pieces, then we have the perfect thing for you! 

These Ultra Power Leggings will be hugging you in all the right places and making you feel like a trophy! 🏆 

Made with sweat-wicking and breathable material, these leggings are the newest essential piece for your wardrobe. 

Our Black and Lava Grey colorways in these leggings will make you feel confident, strong, and ready to take on the day! 🖤

Power through your workout in our Ultra Power Leggings! 🏋️‍♀️


9. Ultra Power Seamless Sports Bra

Seamless? Sweat-wicking? Supportive? And Sexy? It is too good to be true! 

Our breathable and flexible Ultra Power Sports Bra is made seamless so it won’t be leaving you with those marks on your skin like most sports bras! 🙌🏼 This comfortable, flattering, and supportive sports bra is a real game-changer for your workout! 

The newest addition for your gym bag! This sports bra can make you feel energetic and unstoppable! 🌟 Say goodbye to compromising style for comfort, the Ultra Power Sports Bra gives you both! 

These sports bras come in Black and Lava Grey colorways to make you feel extra powerful when paired with our Ultra Power Leggings! 💪🏽


10. Pump It Up Crop Shirt 

What’s better than a crop shirt made for the gym but you can also wear all day? 

Our Pump It Up Crop Shirt is made with sweat-wicking technology and super soft fabrics to make working out effortless. 💪🏽 This trendy light-wear top is cropped just above the belly button to help you feel and move more freely! 

Our Black, Dark Chocolate, and Dream Blue colorways are the perfect tops to mix and match with our leggings or biker shorts! 😍

Get pumped wearing our Pump It Up Crop Shirt! 🖤🤎💙


11. Ultra Lite Sports Bra

You loved our ultra lite sports bra so much, we just had to come back with another colorway! 

Looking for a new sports bra that will offer you both support and comfort? Girl, look no further! 💜 

Featuring thick, crossover back straps to offer you intricate, unique detailing whilst also supporting your bust - this baby is perfect for everyday life. 

The unique Pastel Purple colorway is a vibrant color that will ensure you get the energy you need to power through any workout! 💜


12. Ultra Flex Seamless Leggings

And…. yup, you read that right. Since you loved our Ultra Flex Seamless Leggings before, we decided to add another pair of but in a different colorway! 

Designed without a front seam, these leggings are super flexible and merely feel like a second skin! So if you're on the lookout for some leggings that move harmoniously with your body - these bad boys are just for you. 

Our Pastel Purple colorway will give you the confidence to ensure you have the energy you need for that killer workout! 💜

& our Harbour Grey colorway will make neutral colors stand out! 🤍 


13. Hyper Cycling Shorts 

Life isn’t always black and white, and that’s why we made Grey colorways for our best-selling Hyper Cycling Shorts! 😉 

Feel confident in our sweat-wicking, buttery-soft, and breathable biker shorts. These shorts are made extra short to give you the ability to move freely! 

Whether it’s bike-riding, running, or any other activity - you’ll want to be reaching for these cycling shorts everyday! 

Our Harbour Grey & Ash Grey colorways are the perfect shades for any season! ☀️


14. Pull It Together Sports Bra

This is what you get when you put comfort and style together.. Our Pull It Together Sports Bra is the perfect combination of support and style! 

This sports bra is made with flexible and breathable material to help you accomplish any activity that you’re up for! 

The flattering cut of the sports bra will give you full confidence and comfort all day! ❤️ 

Do something that your future self will thank you for, and get our Pull It Together Sports Bra! 😉


15. Hyper Flex Leggings

The Hyper Flex Leggings you know and love but with special designs! 

This medium-weight, stretchy, and breathable material is the perfect piece for days when we want to feel extra cozy.

Stay fierce and confident in these Black Leopard print leggings! 🐆 & our Harbour Grey colorway will make you feel brave enough to step out of your comfort zone! 🤍


16. Pump It Head Band

Keep your eyes on the prize, and your hair out of the way! 

Our Pump It Head Bands are made to pull your hair back and get you pumped for your workout! 

Stay focused on your fitness goals with no distractions. Made from our recycled activewear, not only are these headbands workout friendly but they're eco-friendly, too! ♻️ 

This Pump It Headband comes in the colorways Light Blue, Navy Blue, Light Peach, and Black, so you can pair it with any of our other pieces! 😍



All of our sports bras and leggings: 80% made with Nylon, 20% made with Spandex, 100% made with love 🧡

Crop shirt: 80% made with Nylon, 20% made with Elastane, and 100% made with love 🧡


Stay grounded in our newest 16 styles from our Down to Earth Collection🌎

Wearing these gorgeous colours inspired by the elements, you’ll be ready to embody strength and power no matter what your day has in store.

Channel the inner earthly goddess we know you are! 

Which sets or colorways are calling your name? 

Don’t wait, get your hands on your favorite pieces before they’re gone! 🚨🏃🏻‍♀️

With love, 



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