July 21st Launch

July 21st Launch

Hey Vitae Babes - have you cast your eyes on our newest, biggest launch yet?! Or even perhaps our super exciting, most recent restock?

 Whether you answered these questions with a yes or a no, this post will be the perfect guide to which newest products are the best fit for you… We’ve got brand new styles and we’ve got our classic favourites we’re bringing back - everything your heart could possibly desire!

 But before we get into the nitty gritty – have you noticed anything different about our website? …That’s right! We’ve totally reinvented it, in order for you, our lovely customers, to get the most out of our site.

 Now when you’re browsing our collections you can choose to filter the model size (located at the top of the page), which you can use to see what styles are still in stock in your size. You can also now have a look at our brand-new size chart, which not only has been updated in order to be easily read, but also features models in a range of sizes to help you decide what certain fit might work best for you!

 We have also recently edited our About Us page, where you can find our story on how Vitae came to be. As well as our new Sustainability and Fabric page, to ensure you know exactly how and where your products are made. All of these links can be found on our home page, so be sure to check it out!

 Now of course, what you’ve all been waiting for…





Calling all Bay Watch lovers!! This bikini top is an ultimate must have for you sporty gals. Featuring super breathable, stretchy fabric, the bright red, OG style Vesta Top is your perfect match for water sport needs. With full support, detailed backstraps, and a structure that gives those girls a bit of a boost, this bikini top will be your newest fave. Tailored for all bodies, we guarantee the Vesta Top will turn heads, in and out of the water.



The perfect match for the Vesta Top, the Vesta Bottom features the same level of comfort and practicality. Our classic drawstring at the back of the waist cinches you in, whilst also offering super stylish detailing. With breathable, stretchy fabric, this piece is ideal for your tanning days, intense water workouts, or even running in slow motion across the beach… Baywatch style…



Slay your day in our Rae Top – ideal for riding those waves in maximum style. Similar to our well-loved Vesta Top, the Rae features the same intricate styling and detailed backstraps, differing only in its exclusive colour. The Rae Top lights up your life in this stunning mustard yellow and flashy orange unique mix, perfect for making that tan glow. With four-way stretchable fabric, and a design catered to keeping those girls in check, you’ll adore this bikini top.



Looking for the ideal bather bottom? Look no further than the Rae Bottom – our OG favourite! This bikini bottom is perfectly tailored to cinch you in and ensure those bottoms don’t slide off during those intense waves, with our signature drawstring at the back of the waist. Perfectly ideal for any kind of water activity. Featuring soft, breathable fabric, and a subtle orange to pair with the Rae Top, you’ll be looking and feeling fierce.



Now if you’re after a top with a little more coverage whilst you ride those ways, the Kluane is ideal for you. Featuring some gorgeous buttons at the front of the top, you decide what style works best! Undo some buttons for a more relaxed look, or button them up for maximum support. The choice is yours in this OG design, brought back by popular demand. The large, thick straps also promise this security, and are the ideal match for any water activity. Launching in white.



The Kluane Bottom offers complete support, with its thick straps and stretchy material. The cut-out detailing by the hips adds a unique, yet stylish look, that will definitely capture attention. With our well-loved tie-up component placed at the back of the waist to further add an extra level of support, this bottom is tailored to any body shape. Also launching in white – for our experienced swimmers out there, this bottom is ideal for your next athletic adventure!



Beach volleyball anyone?! The Thalia Top is back by popular demand and catered entirely to your needs. Featuring two buttons by the bust, allowing for maximum support when done up, you’ll be on the winning side for sure! The thick, comfy straps further allow for this full support, and with four-way stretch activated in order to ensure comfort, you really can’t lose. Be ready to take on the world in the Thalia Top – coming back in a stunning olive colour.



We know you’ll drool over these bad boys. With the same intricate detailing we know you love; the Thalia Bottom features a double strap waistband with our signature adjustable drawstring to ensure non-slippage. Perfect for all of you water sport fans! Presenting in a gorgeous olive colour, this comfy, flexible bottom is the perfect addition to your collection.



Now if you are looking for the perfect sleek and stylish one piece for those warmer days, look no further. The Aphrodite One Piece comes in both our black out black and classic white colours. With intricate, low cut detailing around the waist and back area, this piece is ideal for either your essential swimsuit collection, or you could even use it as a body suit! This is one of Vitae designer Selene Dior’s first original designs, so we know you will absolutely fall in love with it.



Want to look like you’re ready to strut the catwalk?! Well then, this look is your absolute winner. The Rhea One Piece has already turned heads, featuring in VOGUE UK! The adjustable straps make this one a customer favourite, as it truly does provide maximum support and comfort. The shimmery teal material also helps this look glow within the sunlight.



Just like our Rhea, our Vesta was also featured in VOGUE UK, and you can certainly see why! Ideal for getting the most out of your water activities, this one piece ensures practicality and full support, whilst also looking fierce AF! With intricate detailing around the seams, and our classic, well-loved drawstring to keep maximum support, you really can’t lose with this one. The bright red sets a statement too and will certainly ensure all eyes are turned your way. Look and feel amazing in this Vesta One Piece, a cult favourite we just had to bring back!



Launching in blackout black, our Eos Top is the perfect sporty, yet trendy piece. With stunning cross over back detailing, as well as some cut outs in the front too, this top is the perfect classic. Pair it with a different bottom, wear it as a cute crop, take on some waves - it doesn’t matter, as this top is the most versatile out there! With a soft, yet shiny finish, you won’t want to take this one off.



Looking for the perfect bottoms that stay on during your surfing session? Look no further… With our signature drawstring at the back of your waist, the Eos Bottoms will stay right where they’re meant to be. This OG design therefore offers full versatility and support, as well as some additional detailing with small cut-outs by the waist. Ideal for any kind of water activity or otherwise, the blackout black look will have you drooling.



Calling all ocean goddesses! This one’s for you… With a stunning white outline that highlights that gorgeous unique blue-green blend, as well as emphasising your gorgeous curves, the Athena Top is modern-chic and the perfect addition for you sporty girls. With a detailed cross back section that offers you the support you deserve, as well as a cut out in the middle of the top, there’s nothing else quite like it. The soft, silky fabric allows you to get the most out of your day, (as well as catch some killer waves) – you really can’t go wrong!



The Athena Bottom shares the same luxurious, yet active outline as the top, with the white detailing really helping to make that booty pop. Our signature, and well loved, drawstring also ensures non-slippage, and the full coverage of this will ensure your security no matter the activity. Breathable, flexible, and just all around comfy, the Athena is a must have.



Want to step back in time to the 60s? Well that’s too easy with our newest bikini top, the Marilyn. Featuring in three different styles (navy polka dot, white daisy print, and a black daisy print too). The underwire of this top really elevates this 60s look, and the drawstring at the back helps to provide maximum support at all times. Made out of our Reco-Tex material (recycled plastic bottles), give back to the environment and also score yourself a hot new ‘kini!



The Marilyn Bottom comes in the exact same unique designs as the top (navy polka dot, white daisy print, and a black daisy print too), although you could pair these bottoms with practically anything! Featuring stretchy and comfortable Reco-Tex fabric, as well as a drawstring to help you cater the fit exactly to your body, these bottoms are unique and quirky – they guarantee a good time!


Now we know these bad boys need no explanation. You’ve loved them before, you’ll love them again… so get ready for a throwback as we re-release the…


  • Modern Bottoms


You asked for it! We’ve brought back some of the more full-coverage bottoms, starting with this booty flattering pair. Moderate coverage means you can swim, play and lounge without feeling self-conscious. And luckily for you, there’s a whole range of styles to choose from: our Wild Child leopard print, Dione stone grey, Diana zebra print, Oya classic red, and Tala black star print.


  • Diana Top


Let loose and get wild in this bikini top. We made this one with our more voluptuous sisters in mind. This supportive bikini makes busts of all sizes look great. Strong, adjustable straps hold up bigger chests and flatter, smaller ones too. You’ll make waves and break hearts in this ferocious bikini.


  • Tanbabe Bottoms


Calling all confident, cheeky babes! This bikini bottom is perfect for tanning. Let the sunshine — where they say the sun don’t shine! Your booty will catch some golden rays in this cheeky bikini bottom. Minimal coverage means fewer tan lines and more eyes on your killer bum. We’ve brought these bad boys back in: Cosmo holographic silver, Lilinoe black rib, Electra neon orange, and our Bambi (@radiantbambi collab).


  • Kim Bottom


These high-waisted buckle bikini bottoms look amazing on all bodies. The high-waisted cut flatters your booty whilst the trendy black buckles add a bit of attitude. Strap in! This buckle bikini is made from comfy, ribbed fabric that makes you oh-so-touchable. Get ready to slay at the beach or on the dance floor in this neon green gem.





Ready to leap into your day full force? Well the Ultra Free Sports Bra has your back (and your front) with its stunning, sophisticated look. Featuring a low-cut neckline, yet thick straps to offer support, this sports bra is catered towards every single body. If you’re looking for a sports bra that combines both comfort with practicality, look no further. Launching in both the bright flamingo pink and desert taupe, with four way-stretch technology, you’ll get the freedom you deserve from your sports bra.



If you’re getting tired of the same old, unflattering, non-reliable leggings that you’re always having to pull up during your workouts, our new Ultra Free Seamless Leggings will change your life. These leggings include an elastic band at the top of the waist in order to ensure they won’t roll down. With seamless, snug, yet durable fabric, combined with some stunning colours (in both the flamingo pink and desert taupe), you’ll never feel so free. We know you love that lightweight feel, so get the most out of your workout with our new Ultra Free Seamless collection.



Let’s go with the flow girlfriend.

Our brand-new sports bra is the perfect comfortable, yet durable option for a workout or a cute brunch date. With thin back straps that conjoin flawlessly at the back, this bra offers medium support, but ultimate power. Launching in the classic fossil grey, you’ll be reaching for this sweat-wicking, buttery soft sports bra on the daily. 



These new shorts are the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for something similar to the Ultra Flex Leggings, just a little shorter for summer. Ending just above the knee, these biker shorts are high waisted and offer full sweat-wicking technology and comfort for those intense workout sessions. You already loved them in black, so we’ve brought them back in three new beautiful colours: fossil grey, flamingo pink and desert taupe!



Keep up with crushing your PB in this stunning and sleek tank top. With a higher neckline

and sturdy, stretchy fabric, this tank will offer you maximum support for those killer workouts. Ideal for any body type, this tank top ensures you have the support you need at all times.



Looking for that perfect lift in your sports bra? We got you covered with our Hyper Lift Sports Bra: now in ruby red, cloud grey and a darker heather grey! Perfect if you want a pop of colour, or a more neutral style. This bra features a scoop neckline with great support and silky-smooth fabric. Ideal for a cute brunch date or an intense workout. You decide!



This new style is similar to our other favourite sports bras, just with a little bit of a

twist… Instead of adjustable or plain thick straps, this bra features some cute cross back straps that really help to keep those girls in place. The extra support in this bra makes it

the perfect addition to everyday and gym life, coming in five separate colours: a

fire red (which will ensure you never get lost), an elegant light mauve, a stunning navy blue, a classic black, a gorgeous baby blue, and now a timeless white.



Reach your way to victory with our classic Victory Tank Top. With super breathable fabric and a stunning scoop neckline, this top is the epitome of comfort meets practicability. Take your pick with four stunning colours – teal (our newest addition), white, black or lilac. So sweat it out at the gym or have a relaxing day on the couch, either way the Victory Tank will power you across the finish line.



You asked and we delivered – we got pockets baby! These Keep It Up Pocket Leggings are the perfect fit for those challenging workouts, where you need a little help in keeping your belongings close. Not only are these super comfy, stretchy, and sweat wicking as always, but they also keep your personal items nice and safe. Huge tick of approval. We have now officially launched these in our classic black, adding to the collection of the already well-loved mineral red and olive green!



Coming in three stunning colours and weight levels, these 3 pack Booty Bands will become your ultimate must haves, trust us. With lightweight, non-slip, durable material, your booty will thank you!



If you could make joggers out of clouds, they still wouldn’t be as soft as these. You’ll swoon over the buttery, soft fabric of these joggers. They’re lightweight and feel like a second skin. The Hyper Flex Joggers are perfect for a day to day wear. You’ll reach for these babies every time you want to look and feel your best. You loved them in black, so we know you’ll adore our new thulian pink too.

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