Our hot tips to absolutely nail the athleisure wear trend

Our hot tips to absolutely nail the athleisure wear trend

Want to know how to really nail that effortless athleisure wear look? Don't worry, we've got you covered with some of our favorite go to looks for Fall!

Yep, that's right, Oxford Dictionary actually added athleisure into the dictionary - incredible (lol).

But how should you style this current style in Fall 2020?

  • Firstly, trench/oversized coats are your new best friends. Find a classic one toned activewear set (this could totally work for a combination of colors too, the choice is yours), and now simply throw a coat over the top. Yep - it's that frickin' easy. And gosh, does it look stylish. You can also throw a nice cosy hoodie underneath for those cooler days too!
  • Next, if trench coats ain't really your thing (for us shorter girls in particular), do the same but with a pop of denim instead. Maybe even a cute blazer too! Just not a denim blazer - unless that's what you're into - you do you boo.
  • We are also totally vibing with the cropped look at the moment - so simply throw a lightweight cropped jacket over the top for those warmer days where you still need a little coverage. Super cute. Super practicable.
  • According to Marie Claire, colors of the season will include: bright reds, softer pinks, deep blues, greys, caramels and olives (so practically most colors, lol). So don't be afraid to add a bit of color into your athleisure wear! Pair a red sports bra with a navy colored legging! Or perhaps pair some caramels with pinks? We're totally loving the white on mauve look at the moment... But the options are endless and entirely up to you!

Still not sure if you can really picture it? Don't worry girl, we got some of our fellow Vitae Babes to demonstrate these looks for you in our favorite color combos. Simply pair with some chunky white socks and sneakers (maybe some cute sunnies to tie together the laid back look) and girlllll you'll be looking and feeling fierce.

We hope this little insight helped you think of some ideas for your killer Fall athleisure looks this year! We can't wait to see how you potentially style these concepts, so we'd love for you to tag us.

Oh and if you're still a little unsure about the type of new activewear you're looking for, we've decided to compile a short list of our Vitae faves for Fall. Tell us which is your favourite in the comments below ⬇️

Desert Taupe Set

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